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August 30th, 2006

One of the things about blogging that I enjoy is the addition of a blogroll. One of the things I *don’t* like about blogs is exceedlingly huge and log blogrolls. (Also the technical aspects of using blogrolling.com or other service to host your blogroll, and the hit your site takes when that service goes down) At Misplaced Keys I had moved to my own blogrolling system, using Yoshi’s Link List Module for Expression Engine. It worked great, and allowed me to page through my blogroll in a nice consise way.

The problem was, that I didn’t, and have lost touch with a lot of my favorite blogs that I used to read semi-regularly, and replaced that variety with a list of daily reads, that largely regurgiate the same topics in different ways. So it is quite nice that since I’ve switch over and imported my LONG list to find some unread treasures along the way. (Along with quite a few dead and duplicate links that need to be trimmed…)

This morning I re-found The Irvins which is the blog of Tim Irvins who writes on quite a few topics, and whose grasp of Grace always inspires me. I read this post on The Altar Call that just seems to make sense, and recall that many of the people sitting in pews are opposed to the scandal of grace. Read more of Tim’s stuff, and I think you’ll agree, he has his head on straight.


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