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Survivor: My Friend Flicka lost my Chickas

September 14th, 2006

This year on Survivor, we play the race card, and set up teams based on race.  Nothing to see here, This is not the controversy you’re looking for.
The Asians (Puka), the Latinos (Aitu), the African-Americans (Hiki) and the Caucasians (Raro)

Puka (asians) have three dudes and two chicks, and one of the dudes is an older Vietnamese refugee.

All the rest have three chicks and two dudes… Wonder if that’ll be a factor… nah.. nebber mine.

Puka, even before the reward challenge seems to be knitting together pretty well.

At the reward Puka and  Aitu were waaaay ahead of the other two, and Hiki was waaaaay behind.  Even when Raro forgot their puzzle peices they still had plenty of time to get the top of the obstacle.  (As usual the opening challenge was a bit of a marathon, but Puka and Aitu made it look easy…)

So Puka won the fire and the kindling, and Aitu and Raro got flint.  Hiki got to pick one person to go to Exile Island, and chose Jonathan.  Jonathan earlier admitted to pulling a Rupert and stole a chicken from the Puka tribe.  Alls fair, right… Karma’s a beyotch though and once at their camp his teammate accidentally release BOTH chickens and then gets sent to Exile Island (and what a sucky island, I bet even the rum-runners don’t even have a stash there… oh, wrong ocean, sorry.)

Hiki, in deciding who would go split into the guys (two) and the girls (three) and the guys took over to make the pick.  The girls were out for revenge when it came time to vote, and since Seiku stuck his neck out in the alpha role (and also was lazy trying to start the fire too.. thanks for reminding me Ang), it looks like he’ll get it chopped off… He tried to make a play for a first round backstab, but c’mon the alpha always roles first round… Seiku gets the can.

Interesting, it really looks like Puka will have the edge, but strife coming to the Aitu harmony, those firey Latin tempers yano… The Raro (whites) might FUTR enough to make a strong showing at some merge in the future.

Oh the first clue, for the hidden immunity idol on Exile Island… Jonathan didn’t get it, but I think you need to use the parts of the wreck to make a range, and then dig when the island in the distance is hidden behind the bulk of the wreck covers it… That is my guess, we’ll see as we go, not that it matters.  It didn’t make whit of difference last season, thanks to Terry not having one iota of strategy in his ever-loving Nautical mind…

Prediction, next week I have no idea… 😀

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