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Clean, Party, Party, Sleep

September 18th, 2006

That was my Saturday.

Clean the house, while Ang ate bon-bons had girls night out worked her butt off at the consignment fair, then deliver Brenna to her friend’s party.

After I picked her up, it was time to get ready to host HER (Brenna’s) birthday party. Okay, so Ang did more of the actual partying, but only because I don’t do the glam-o-ram like her and her bestestest friend Nat does (thanks Nat for coming over and bothering me helping Ang out, your help got us over the hump.

Then the gels settled down to watch Aquamarine (think Little Mermaid in a Disney Channel High School Musical mode – without all the singing, ‘natch), I dozed in the armchair.

Sunday was more like this: Sunday School, Babysit, Meeting, Birthday, Meeting, Meeting, Party.

Normal SUnday routine, except it was Lauren’s my turn to take care of the terrible 2-3 year olds at our church. We had a roomful of the buggers sweetie-pies, and what a joy to watch them for an hour.

Then Upwards meeting.

The Michael’s birthday mini-celebration (party to follow) (must say, the Play-Mobil Pirate ship play toy thingy, is super-rad, all rigged out and even came with a mini sextant and dividers. Because it is important for mini-action figures to accurately navigate the seven bath-tubs…)

Then Church Council Meeting, Deacon’s Meeting, Home Fellowship. (Persnickety Matt Debbi alludes to the game we played here, and yes, I did write the one about daisies… get over it!)
*yawn* still tired.

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  1. September 19th, 2006 at 01:55 | #1

    It is 1:55am. I have not slept, the meds I am taking are about to push me over the edge so I am a little persnickety. Please check your authors. I did not write the post about home fellowship, my lovey, and snoring, wife did. We do not have separate blogs, yet.

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