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Focus of evangelism…

September 20th, 2006 1 comment

… is God, not the ‘convertee’

Read Dan Phillips‘ insightful (at least I think) post on the topic of “Doomed” Evangelism

Money quote:

Our focus in evangelism (I preach to myself, nice of you to listen in) must be the glory of God. Lift up the Lord Jesus, lift up His gospel, lift up the Cross, and God will be glorified. He may be glorified by converting our hearer; or He may be glorified in judgment. But either way, He will be glorified.

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My mornings start out pretty much the same, I make a quick tour of some of my daily read blogs over a cup of coffee before I dig in and get to work.

Today’s path took me to some new places, first starting out a Hot Air and watching the Vent (WARNING: Political content… 🙂 )

Then I went to realVerse to watch that morning vlog (really, why watch morning news, when you can watch vlogs…)  I found realVerse from HotAir, and though realVerse is a weekly vlog, their content isn’t political, but more ‘spirited’.  Created in Nashville, realVerse spotlights some Christian/spiritual/cultural concepts in their brief overview of what goes on in the realVerse.  Today they featured a quick slice of an interview with Bill Seaver who blogs at MicroExplosion.

Clicking over there, I read a couple of his posts, and found a post announcing the launch of  eBible is a Web2.0 (who’s tired of THAT marketing term?) interface into Bible.  Offering free searches and commentaries (including some Nelson titles that I’ve liked in the for-pay Logos collection).  Also along the Web2.0 view it has a simple interface, and allows for community bookmarks and community building.  An interesting new way for bible look ups.  They even have a Firefox search plugin.  (They need to have a WordPress plugin, so plain ol bloggers can push people to their site… )

That is my morning (rolling up sleeves… )  Tell me a bit about yours!

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