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Working out the DVRs

September 21st, 2006

Survivor vs. Grey’s Anatomy at 7pm CDT: This appears to be the summary/season wrap for Grey’s kicking off to the 8pm premiere. So I think I’ll DVR the HD Survivor, then switch to catch Grey’s in HD at 8pm. Survivor is still a favorite of mine, and the gimmick of race relations, though it didn’t pan out last episode, will add some spice I think. Still trying to get the whole hidden immunity idol strategy to work, which hasn’t worked out for anyone very well in the past two seasons. It is candy… but I like candy!

Grey’s Anatomy Premiere: TV Tome has nice summary. When we left, Burke’s career hinged on getting his nerves back after getting shot. Issy had quit her residency after messing up Denny’s care, and Denny dying on Prom night. Hot steamy sex with McDreamy confuses Meredith more as she has to decided between the married McDreamy or the available vet Dr. wasshisname… This is the show to watch tonight.

Six Degrees Premiere: Now with Alias in the can, J.J. Abrams launches anew drama set in NY City (where else? some remote island in the Pacific Ocean… been there LOST that). So far all of J.J.’s shows have entertained me (though I never watched Felicity) so this will be one that hooks me too. The premise of six degrees of separation is something that he’s been exploring through most of his other work (Alias, LOST both have these types embedded in their stories) Looks promising.

Last night I DVR’d and watched Jericho. Interesting show, they can play this story for a while, as the people in the town wonder just how isolated they are, so far Denver and Atlanta seem to be off the map, Witchita might be next (the ex-gf was on the way to the airport when the bubble burst…) We have convicts loose in the area and the Sherrif is dead. The black-sheep has come home with still the big mystery of where he’s been all this time. So lots of threads to explore.

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