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TV updater-a-thon…

September 27th, 2006 2 comments

Its been a while since I’ve gone over my shows… so I’ll do this off the top of me head.

House continues to rock, though the formula hasn’t changed much. I did like last night’s episode, especially when he realized (or DID he) that his young fan was attracted to him because of some kind of spore. Or maybe he made it up, because he knew that would be a ‘bad-thing’. Still think he has the hots for Cameron.

The Heroes pilot was good on Monday night. I like that this will be an ensemble show, and enjoy the different flavors of characters. The mystical scientist-now-taxi-driver will slowly put the peices together. The freaky cheerleader that can’t kill herself is an intriguing story-line, and nice to make the ‘wolverine’ character nice and cute. Scary mother/father pair for that one, though the mother didn’t act quite as horrid when she didn’t have the dog in her lap… maybe the dog has some kind of force-field it emits that causes brain malfunction. Ali Larder’s character is interesting, I think she’ll end up being Hulk-like where if you make her mad, you won’t like her so much, as the thugs found out. The Japanese teleporter… hilarious, with the Star-Trek references.. HA!

Jericho gets its second watching tonight (the a LOST review *woooooo*) and we’ll see if this ends up being just a drag or we start answering some questions and asking others. The story left quite a few loose ends, and if they want to keep their audience, they need to provide some answers along the path. That is the genius of Lost is the answer one or two and ask two or three more in their story line. Jericho needs to move along that path, or it won’t last the season, at least not on my DVR.

Brothers & Sisters wasn’t on my A-list, but I ended up watching it my last night in KC. Not bad, some very familar faces, and some great talent. Though I wouldn’t trust Slone with my money, though it is smart to put Tom Grace right there to keep an eye on him. Interesting casting of Flockhart as a conservative radio talk-show host, who has an even more conservative neanderthal husband who wants to keep his wimmin-folk barefoot and pregnant… *sigh* so much for stereotype busting. And the loyal husband that is sneaking around with a woman… predicatable, and someone has to see the Caleb Nichols line with the patriarch falling into the pool after a heart attack. This show will be the snarkfest, as it goes on.

Grey’s Anatomy best written show on television. Bar none. Doesn’t have the mystery of Lost, but the dialog and characters are top notch. Using dark and twisty to describe the title character of Meredith Grey, the relationships of all the young doctors in love, the tying the past (Meredith’s mom and the chief) to the present (Derek and Addison, and the problems the Chief has with his marriage…) just all together great stuff to watch, and laugh and morn. Steven Harris’s breakdown at the loss of his wife was terrific.

Six Degrees was a good pilot, there was a good thread that wound through the episode that came to a nice close, several questions asked, some kinda answered. A typical J.J. Abrams type of plot, that is a good mix of dialog and action. Interesting characters, and some predictable moments. The boyfriend that cheats for instance, at the end we get the confirmation we ALL knew was going to happen. The rest is all watching the train-hit-the-car. The mystery girl who is running from something, and the connection with the disillusioned assistant DA. The lost photographer that re-finds his eye. The little brother trying to the the right thing, while being drug down by his own problems. Lots of stuff to keep an eye on.

On the reality set, mild interest in Dancing with the Stars its gonna come down to Joey vs. Mario (who was EXCELLENT in his Nip/Tuck guest spot, which is another guilty pleasure show that is rocking this year… and by rocking I mean… well parental discretion is strongly advised.) So I’ll keep an eye on the standings, but won’t get drug in until the later weeks. Survivor is still strong on the DVR, though the same things happen year after year… I love the formula. The Biggest Loser is another family favorite, don’t we all wish we could do nothing but workout and eat veggies for a few weeks? TAR is a watcher too… mostly because all the cool kids watch it.
Gripe: Why do the telephone voting shows get so much TIME. We really don’t need a 30-60 minute wrap up show to discover the vote, that irritates me to no end. DwtS does it, and so does AI. I’d rather they have like a 3-minute lottery spot, and tell you what the result was, and see you next week. Then we don’t have to reserve 30 minutes of valuable DVR time for what boils down to a 2 minute payoff.

Okay, no tell me what I’m missing.

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