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Sunday night … just isn’t Sunday night anymore…

October 2nd, 2006

Now that Grey’s Anatomy is on Thursday night (and what a messed up night that has become, one needs like seven DVRs just to make it through the night… its like there isn’t any other night on television, but Thursday. I blame Bill Cosby!

So we did watch the season (I think) premiere of the Sears Workshop Ty’s Roadtrips Extreme Makeover: Home Edition. The tear ducts got a good cleansing a few times, irk! But wow, a 3000+ squarefoot house in 53 hours and change. I’m glad I don’t have to compare that to the building of my house… but I know some friends that are gritting their teeth, and trying to smile when they see that number. I do wonder if they’ll show the house in 6 weeks when settling starts in and the cracks start to show. Too cynical? Yep, that’s me… 🙂

Desparately trying to even get a care up for Desparate Housewives. Just not feeling the love. Bree gets married – whoop – de – do. To and axe murderer with a fetish for cleaning supplies *yawn*. Lynette and TOm fighting over the mother of Tom’s oldest daughter, urghle. Carlos and Gabby’s surrogate gives birth to another couples baby, go figger. Mike’s in a coma, leaving Susan to gain the attraction of another guy with his significant wife in a coma. *Strrreetttccchhh*

more blather after the fold…

Let’s see if I can nail down the rest of the season in a few sentences. Susan will fall down umpeet trillion times, and Mike will wake up while she is kissing her new beau, creating more stress for their ‘perfect relationship’. After a stormy divorce, Carlos will get steamy with Tom’s ex, then realize he’ll only really love Gabby, and Gabby will try to get busy with many more young hunks (maybe even Edie’ Brit nephew) but realize about one episode left that she will only ever love Carlos. Tom and Lynette will keep on keeping on, but Lynette will stray with something and realize that she has a keeper in Tom. Bree will have to run away from he axe murdering new husband, because she forgot to use vinegar when washing up from some party…

We simulated last season, be watching Thursday’s Grey’s on Sunday evening. (psst… I watched it and Six Degrees on Thursday, but held off commenting, because Angie couldn’t watch it with me). Oh all the good stuff in Grey’s. Some are predictable. Preston has a controlling momma… say it isn’t so. Mer can’t decide who she wants to be with, Der or Vet… really. Issie is coping with shock by doing her best Julia Child impression, okay that WAS pretty good, and her brain still works, bringing the carbo-bombs to the bar for all the alcoholic interns/residents to mack out on and get over themselves. “Don’t let her drive, Joe” , talking about poor wittle Addison upset with her cheating no-good husband Derek of the thong-hording tribe, should have been, “don’t let her sleep with McSteamy,” but admittedly, Issie is a bit off her game.

The triangle with Mer-Der-Fin will be a good diversion, while the Callie-George fandom just rocks the house. The Chief catching Callie getting her freaky dance moves down was good, as was George walking in on them. Christina is selfishly denying her selfishness, but in the end realizes what she needs to do to impress mama-Burke, the papa-Burke’s encouragement was a nice surprise for her. Finally, Bailey being unselfish and realizing that her pregnancy took more out of her than she suspected, and wanting to ‘teach’ the young turks how to be doctors, will be a good turning point, as she struggles with the balance of ‘being the parent they need’.

Best line, after Meredith flips a coin to determine her lifelong mate, Christina says, “Benjamin’s dead. He wasn’t cool and unique he was sick and brain damaged, and dying.” *slips the coin off the table and pocket it* I think I’ll try the dating thing…

Six Degrees has a neat hook in tying up one loop inside another loop, and then relating one story line to another by some physical connection. One person’s dropped coins becomes another characters lucky penny. A missed delivered drink order ties on person into the other. No real revelations on Thursday, but more character development. Maybe by next week, I’ll remember people’s names. Like the photographer’s story (Steven) as he tries to stitch back his life, and the vector for the season is for him and his boss (Whitney) to hook up after she realizes her current scumbag fiance is a scumbag womanizer. Carlos thinks Mae is his muse, and is knee deep in a case that will end up implicating his new chauffuer friend Damian who is trying to get away from his bad-boy older brother, and spice up his sick-gambling-addicted-life with his girlfriend. Good stories throughout the circles, and will be a nice show to watch after Grey’s.

Tonight second helping of Hereos.

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  1. October 2nd, 2006 at 11:50 | #1

    My evening was made when CBS cut away from the Pats beating the stew out of the Bengals to the Redskins vs Jacksonville game. Man, that was exciting…esp. since the Redskins won.

  2. October 2nd, 2006 at 12:35 | #2

    *Sigh* I put my Fantasy Football eggs in the wrong basket, choosing Palmer over Brady. Shoulda known better… So the Redskins games wasn’t that cheery, as by that time Palmer had fumbled away all his passing points.

    I had the Seattle defense in the night game, and well… *sigh*

  3. Debbi
    October 5th, 2006 at 08:01 | #3

    That’s what you get for going against New England…
    At least Without a Trace redeems the evening. It was a good episode, though I had wished for a happy ending on this one.

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