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Happy LOST Day!

October 4th, 2006

Ahhhhhh YEAH!!!!

Today we start finding out all sorts of other stuff.  Like:

  • Did Desmond, Locke and Eco survive the magnetic ‘disturbance’?
  • What are ‘The Others’ gonna do with the big three hostages: Jack, Kate and Sawyer?
  • Can Hurley find his way back to the tailie camp?
  • Will Michael turn the boat around and kick Faux Henry Gale in the ….?
  • Will Desmond’s girlfriend find the Island and save the day?
  • what else.. help me people!!!?

I didn’t follow much of the off season ‘Lost Experience’ so I can’t comment much on that.  From what I’ve gleaned at other fan sites, it is mostly periphery stuff regarding the Hanso Foundation and its roots and programs.  Much of that we’ve already gleaned from watching, you know, the SHOW.  So I don’t expect the ‘experience’ will have much to do with the actual series of episodes that we all stay up late to watch and re-watch on Wednesday nights.  Bonus:  Tonight is fall-break night at church, so we get to watch LOST together as a fam.  Errr… wait, the kiddos!  They’ll make noise and ask questions, and… *sigh*  Well its getting DVR’d anyways, so I may re-watch it after bedtime.

Supposedly the first episode has a Jack centric flashback, much like season two’s first episode.  I went back, and was thinking that the pilot had a Jack centric flashback too, but reading the synopsis, I don’t think we got flashbacks until the second episode (which was Locke-centric, and then a Kate centric)  Jack didn’t get his flashback until the third regular episode.  Kinda makes sense since Jack was supposed to be killed at the end of the pilot.  Anyhoo my turn for speculation:  We will find out that Jack’s father was having an affair with Jack’s wife.  (I predicted it last year after The Hunting Party episode, but I can’t find where I blogged it… I can only point to a message board post does that count?)


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