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Lost – A Tale of Two Cities

October 5th, 2006

It was the best of times, it was the worst of times…

For an excellent blow-by-bloy live blog, go see Angie’s excellent recounting. She did a great job, and posted that at 9:03. Good job babalah!

Others commenting:

The rest of my comments below the fold, Beware matey, there may be spoilers!

First impressions: Huh? Who is this? Earthquake! Oh NO WAY, COOL! Steven King, out of the bookclub! The Others have a town. Don’t make Jack mad, you won’t like him when he’s mad. Sawyer the monkeyboy. Take that Dr. Brown! Took the bears two hours, but there were more of em. Mr. Friendly is a perv! Henry is Mr. Roarke. Eat Kate, you never know where your next meal will be? Two WEEKS of WHAT? Hm, Glad they dumped the fake castaway costumes. How’s Hurley doing? Sayid, Jin & Sun? Hyrda Station! (Is that a shoutout?) Jack suspected the same as I, but *this close* to getting confirmation of the affair. Was that an intervention for Jack? Crybaby, Doctors don’t cry, Jack!

More details as they come to me… could be updated as the day goes by

Excellent episode, Cuse and Lindleoff have done it again. I like that for the third season we start right back where the first pilot started, staring into someone’s eye. Also it starts back at the crash, and what the others were doing when Desmond was off killing Kelvin. The only plants, it seems were Ethan (the plumber boy) and Goodwin, sent off by Henry (I’m glad they put Michael Emerson as full time cast member, he does creepy GOOD!). Also I think this season (Cuse says the second season was all about the hatch, and this season will be all about the Others) we will see that the Others aren’t evil, just misunderstood. Just a hunch, I think we’ll see our beloved castaways drift to the dark-side, and the Others become the more ‘moral’ of the two. Juliet (Elizabeth Mitchell) is another outstanding pick (and hopefully less of a drunk than Michelle Rodriguez and Cynthia Watros… because if you drink and drive, your character gets their ticket punched! I don’t care what the ‘official story’ is! 😉 ) She seems to be able to push back against Henry/Ben or at least not totally toe the Dharma-line. Besides, she packs a mean right-hook, just ask Jack. I suspect she’s also in trouble with the RIIA since that CD looked like it was bootlegged. Desmond gets LPs, the Dharmalars get CDs.
Questions: (I’ll keep it to the storyline of the epi, can’t get too mad they didn’t pickup all the loose end of the finale in the first episode…)

  • Who is the jungleboy, cage dweller? A stray passenger, or a Dharmalar on the outs with his tribe?
  • Are the Dharmalars still Dharma-ing? Doing active research, or were they just living an idyllic life on the Island, re-reading Steven King novels to stay up on culture?
  • Do they have regular active contact with the outside world? It seems they have some kind of conduit, as they had a nice dossier of Jack.
  • They seem to have Sawyer and Kate in the Zoological Station, is the whole station the Hydra, or just the Aquarium that Jack almost flooded. Are they in the same location? Is it far from the Main Dharmalar camp.
  • Should I continue to call the Others, Dharmalars, just to be edgy?

Okay, enough for now, what questions/comments do you have?

UPDATE: Check my math, but I think there have been 4 Dharmlars killed by Crashies (Two by Eko, one by Ana-Lucia, and one by Charlie, and 4 Crashies killed by Dharmalars (one by Gibson, one by Ethan (and he tried to kill Charlie) two by Michael (I know, he is a Crashie, but he did their bidding…) Two friendly fire (Boone and Shannon) and one drowning. Did I miss any deaths?

I mention this because the recap has Ana-Lucia stating how horrible the Dharmalars are, which I think is debatable, and the jist of this season. Also Ana-Lucia mentions that 11 (first 3, then 8 more) of the Tailies were abducted by the Dharmalars. Which might be where Karl/Carl comes from. Also two new cast members this season, may be previous Tailies that were abducted by the Dharmalars…

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  1. October 5th, 2006 at 11:43 | #1

    I need to get back into live-blogging…I’m not bad at it once I’ve had a couple glasses of wine. 😉

    I did kind of like the whole implication that Jack was the #1 reason his dad fell off the wagon and spiraled down-under.

  2. October 5th, 2006 at 17:01 | #2

    Well they did kidnap those people when Ana-Luica and the back half-ers landed and were around the campfire. I wonder if they will tell us where the kids are that they took. I mean, if they are treating the adults this badly, what about those poor kids? They can’t all be “special” like Walt.
    Also, how did they go from riches to rags and huts once the plane went down? I wonder if the powers that be cut their funding off because the button wasn’t pressed and therefore comprimised the experiement/world. Hmmm??? Interesting! Can’t wait to see what’s next!

  3. Debbi
    October 5th, 2006 at 20:44 | #3

    I believe the riches to rags is a ruse. (say that 5 times fast) “The Others”, as *misunderstood* as they might be, have concocted an elaborate scheme to engender fear and therefore submission in anything or anyone they perceive as a “threat” to their idyllic life. So, the huts and rags are costumes, just as Kate found them in the medical station.
    As far as the children go, it’s a sad theory but one that we see unfortunately played out in reality, that indoctrination starts with the young. The Others know they won’t last forever. They need to raise up a future for themselves if whatever they are doing is going to continue. So some children will be future Dharmalars. Some will be “special”. And some will be “projects”.

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