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Survivor – Ruling the Roost

October 5th, 2006

Previously on Survivor… Each team of five represented a distinct racial class, and then we got rid of two, to get down the traditional 18 player Survivor goodnees. Yul and Jonathan spent time on Exile Island, and Yul found the indimuinty idol. We’ve had a mini-merge, and one team now has eight.

Live blog (time shift) Spoilers below the fold.

Ozzy is a spoiled brat, oh waaaaaah, your tribemate got voted out… DOOD, this is Survivor, Outwit, Outplay, Outlast.. there is no Outwhine! Buckit up Vaquero

And the credits… skip sip skip… the joys of time-shifting the episode by 10 minutes, Fly. Through. Commericials.

and we’re back…here comes Candace back from her night of futility on the empty beach of Exile Island.

just playing dumb, the Lamber/Tina/Val road to success…

Meanwhile at the other luxurious island, we have a real divide, a divide of the sexes.. some one call up Mark Burnett and have him split up the tribes that way… oh he did that? musta missed it…

Seriously, this early is build tribe morale, get your core alliance, and don’t mess with success… ‘Course a little humilty helps too… the whole We. Are. Alpha. Tribe. just means you’re going down next challenge…

And here we go… Reward Belt-Rope obstacle thingy… decoding wheels!! Whoo.. where is my copy of Cryptomicon, might come in handy… Reward: Blankets, pillows, hammocks, and sending a mmeber of the other tribe to EI.

See… see.. Raro needs to brag after winning a challenge, not before… the Raro girls need to make the boys do chores. ‘Cept Aitu can’t freaking decode it… see… told you cryptnomicon would help… But they built a big enough lead to stay alive, and they send Adam to EI… EAT Crow Jockboys! *skip skip skip*

Oh no… he killed Nemo! The bastard! Eleven fish, and Ozzy as the ish master! Okay.. it would be a good… no GREAT move for the Jonathan, Yul, Becky alliance to dump the non-committal Jessica flakygrrl and pick up Ozzy… Ozzy need to push that…

Oh man.. I bet if they lose again, a BOY will take the snuff walk… come home and just lazy around, while they just BLEW the challenge, ordering the chicks around…

Parvati playing the flirt skank angle, and focuses on Nate, convient since her other squeeze Adam is along on EI. See.. and she is undermining JPs authority with gentle teasing whispers in NAte ear… *skip skip skip*

See those are the boobies! *guffaw* not those Parvati’s boobies, pervs… the boobie birdies…

Cao Boi killed a boobie, the bastard! Jonathan wanted to cry.. dood, grip, yesterday it was an egg, and you’d have eaten it… Restoring nature.. whimps!

Immunity Challenge, and Adam now looks like a skeltal freak after the long night at EI! okay, not that bad. Build, run, rescue, carry, fire… ‘kay I’m just imaginating, but ‘rule the roost’ is gonna knock out one of the big boys.. looking at you JP! Survivors Ready?! Go!

Aitu has Jessiflake on the stretcher??? They are nutz… but shes a skatergrrl… Ozzy comes from behind in the water, Aitu takes the lead in the water leg… Props to Jessica, for getting the stretch back… and it looks like a rout! ohhh.. coaboi the lord of the smoke.. and a hatchet chop for Raro, and it isn’t even close. JP.. pack your bags… only need one boy to swap sides, and Parvati can flutters those …ummm.. lashes! *skip skip skip*

Girlfriend!!! Outwit, Outplay, Outlast.. not I’m the weakest link… freaking know you gameshows 101, lady!
I call ruse.. the other chicks need to get in her head… and get her back in the game! Oooh… I can’t count, five girls four boys… good bye JP, there is grrrrlllpowah! Only have to convinc Parvati.. wha… she’ll tell Nate and Nate will talk to the boys… Whuh.. crazytalk… Parvati, you are a FOOL… strike while the iron is HOT! dominant number alliance, and she walks away from it… Does NO ONE WATCH this SHOW? This is just setting up for drama at the council, I’m sticking with my hunch, JP powah is ended, long live the grrlpowah!

Blahblahblah Tribal Council, and no leadership… JP takes command too much… i.e. not looked to for leadership. Good point on one of the three… They were behind from the mast to the fire, and JP has as much reason to be voted of as anyone, more, because people resent her attitude. Trust… Stephanie doesn’t trust anyone… rock on! Hardest vote, because he doesn’t have the numbers… buh bye JP… skip skip skip past the scrawlings… aaaaannnd…

The fourth person voted out is: J.P. huzzah! No Boi is safe!

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