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Jericho – The Walls of Jericho

October 12th, 2006 4 comments

Ummm should I have recapped this on first?  Is this thing on? hello?

Anyhoo, Michael also recapped Jericho, and Jollyblogger (great questions to consider in that link) is a viewer, and I like to link them, so here I go.

I’ve watched Jericho each week, partly because I’m marking time waiting for Angie to come home so we can watch Lost together.  Also because the storyline of nuclear holocaust… what’s not to like.  But it is a bit draggy, but they do a good job of keeping the mysteries alive.  I’m not going to blow-by-blow Jericho, because well, I’d start poking ice-picks in my eyes, so if you watch this show and want to dicuss the theories and story arcs, click to read on.  Other wise scroll down and read the LOST post. Read more…

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Lost – The Glass Ballerina

October 12th, 2006 Comments off

Since last week, Jollyblogger (David Wayne, who has an excellent blog on all things theological, btw) espoused a new ‘snow-globe‘ theory of Lost. He also had a ‘dead-pool’ poll for who would be the next character that died in the show. The winner was ‘Henry Gale’ who happens to already be dead, but like the votes for Mark Foley, he’s just putting votes for Henry into the Ben basket.

Last nights episode was a meh for me. Parts of it were omg… but for the most part I’m not wholly up on the whole Jin-Sun backstory, maybe it is that Korean subtitles aren’t near as funny as Japanese subtitles. Or how creepy looking Sun’s father is. Or .. well I just get bored with it.

So I’ll do some quick recapping and commentary and theorizing be done. So click if you don’t mind being a bit spoiled.

Other recaps:

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