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Jericho – The Walls of Jericho

October 12th, 2006

Ummm should I have recapped this on first?  Is this thing on? hello?

Anyhoo, Michael also recapped Jericho, and Jollyblogger (great questions to consider in that link) is a viewer, and I like to link them, so here I go.

I’ve watched Jericho each week, partly because I’m marking time waiting for Angie to come home so we can watch Lost together.  Also because the storyline of nuclear holocaust… what’s not to like.  But it is a bit draggy, but they do a good job of keeping the mysteries alive.  I’m not going to blow-by-blow Jericho, because well, I’d start poking ice-picks in my eyes, so if you watch this show and want to dicuss the theories and story arcs, click to read on.  Other wise scroll down and read the LOST post.I freeze framed the shot of last weeks reveal, and note that Dallas (bummer) and Los Angels are toast, according the Asian news service.  No other new cities popped out at me, as the Northwest was covered in static, and the others we already knew about.

The question on Jake’s mind is who did it, and that is where this whole series is going.  Because it isn’t going all, lets be responsible citizens and close ranks and protect ourselves.  Nope.  They’re taking the New Orleans route and waiting for the Feds.  *sigh*

Maybe it just me, but after finding out that a bunch of cities got nuked, there would be two things I’d do.  First pray.  Lots of it.  The church would be full, and the body would be holding each other up.  Second start setting up a framework of local authorities, and set up protection ala Red Dawn’s Wolverines.  I don’t think I’d be frequenting the bar where my mistress serves drinks.  Yeah, I’m looking at you Eric!

Seems that is the culture of Jericho though.  Survive a nuclear attack, throw a street party, then go to the bar until the power goes out, then gripe about the generator being empty.  Idiots.  And the teen-scene doesn’t seem much better, with a house party at Skylar’s house, because Mom and Dad are dead, and well wild parties at the rich girls house… wooo!

Hawkins is in on the attack, he knows about it, and has a role in the aftermath.  We’ll be discovering just how wickedly evil he is.  Why his family has to have cover stories, and what cover story he used with them to tell them they need to have a cover story… well we’ll find out.  Still creepy.  And now he is the law.  Really creepy.

One of Hawkins allies went back to Denver to get some of the people important to him, then came into town to steal medicine to take back to them.  The radition sickness foiled his plan, and he ended up in a hospital bed.  In this case, though, I agree with Eric, if were limited in electrical power, let the glowing guy die and save the baby.  Though the glowing guy stays alive long enough for us to find out he’s in on the plan, and has discovered a traitor.  Another new arc to explore as the season goes on.

We are four days into the aftermath, and the city of Jericho hasn’t done anything of recruiting a militia, not only for self-defense, but also for the good of the town, mustering resources, rationing, sharing the burden.  They’re all a bunch of drunken sods, and they’ll deserve their fate when Mad Max comes to town!  Seriously, Mr. Mayor needs to get a pair, call in a town meeting and start effecting some martial law until things become more clear.  Mr. Rove demands it!

Eh.. anyhoo, not a bad show.. just somewhat slow, and ponderous.  Along with writing cliches and some continuity problems.

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  1. October 12th, 2006 at 11:04 | #1

    The thing with Jericho is–the mayor who just the day before was acting all Mayor-like is doing precisely squat now. I mean, they should be rationing things like food, gas, etc. cause there ain’t gonna be any more resupplies coming. But I guess we’re not thinking that far ahead..

    I like the idea, but the stupid moves by characters are starting to bug me on this show.

  2. October 12th, 2006 at 11:17 | #2

    Yeah, I agree. The mayor was down hard, and the peeks we get at future episodes are revealing that the mayor is sicker than he leads on. The problem is he’s struck down any other possible leaders (and the other possible leader was a jerk, calling for ‘investigations’.. dope)

    I think the arc will start forming when they see how other towns have mobilzed and realize they are behind the curve.

    I’m also somewhat disappointed that for a midwest show, they haven’t shown a big rally of the church, I think in the real world, the body of Christ would step up and be leaders in forming a community support structure. That should be what we’re about.

  3. October 12th, 2006 at 14:22 | #3

    I can say that if the bombs all fell tomororw (or even later today) and I was one of the survivors, I’d be praying…a lot.

    And I agree with your point–you’d think that the community would gather together in the wake of the tragedy.

    But the did have a monster BBQ last week (which they cleaned up fairly quickly from if you noticed)

  4. October 22nd, 2006 at 08:51 | #4

    I paused the DVR long enought to know tht the northwest was also hit. Hey there is a rather large boomer base up there. Seattle is toast, so now Dark Angel can come to Kansas and save the day.

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