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Lost – The Glass Ballerina

October 12th, 2006

Since last week, Jollyblogger (David Wayne, who has an excellent blog on all things theological, btw) espoused a new ‘snow-globe‘ theory of Lost. He also had a ‘dead-pool’ poll for who would be the next character that died in the show. The winner was ‘Henry Gale’ who happens to already be dead, but like the votes for Mark Foley, he’s just putting votes for Henry into the Ben basket.

Last nights episode was a meh for me. Parts of it were omg… but for the most part I’m not wholly up on the whole Jin-Sun backstory, maybe it is that Korean subtitles aren’t near as funny as Japanese subtitles. Or how creepy looking Sun’s father is. Or .. well I just get bored with it.

So I’ll do some quick recapping and commentary and theorizing be done. So click if you don’t mind being a bit spoiled.

Other recaps:

The opening scene is well.. a glass ballerina that aparently a young Sun has smashed, and then blatantly lies about it to her creepy dad, who then even though he knows she lying, goes and fires the maid. See why I don’t like these funkified Korean flashbacks?!

Then *shock* Sun is nekkid in bed with Jae… Oh the skank!

Nuff of the Sun-Jin backstory.. lets do the ISLAND…

Benry is talking with Julie and they get rudely interrupted by Colleen to say that Sayid has nicely dropped into the web, by discovering the fake encampment where they held Michael. Benry is non-plussed, because that was why they HAD the fake camp, no problem…

“They have a boat,” Colleen says.

“What??” says Benry (couple of things, for all we know the only boat in existance on the island is the one Benry just sent off with Michael and Walt, so news of a boat may have him reeling, because he may have thought that Michael revolted and hooked up with Sayid. Which like totally mess with Benry’s plan, and would have been AWESOME! but alas, its Desmond’s boat, and… well okay that was one thing…) Benry wants it, he NEEDS it with every fiber of his being! Go Colleen do my bidding.

Morning has broken at the Dharma zoo, which means its time for Sawyer to do his bear trick and get him a yummy fish biscuit… mmmm…. Kate is still in her dress, and doesn’t feel like salmon meal in the morning. Time to go to work, the Dharma zoo doesn’t maintain itself, Zeke Friendly is on site to oversee the operation, and Sawyer and Kate get to do the bidding of Zeke and his cousin Picket (according to imdb)

Yeah, I don’t understand it either… a bit of a contrived story. I think the whole thing was shown to expose a couple of things…

  • Alex Rouseau is among the group, and has a thing for the Karl dude that we met last week. And that nice dress of Kate’s is actually Alex’s but that’s okay, because it totally looks better on Kate. A cryptic enough conversation that we’re left wondering whether Alex is in on the mind games, or really a rebel in the Dharmalars camps.
  • Sawyer has the hots for Kate, and that dress isn’t helping!
  • Sawyer is also a canny adversary. (I think they teach that in con-artist school) And gets the drop on one of the guards, and grabs his gun, but is out-manuvered by Juliet holding a gun at Kate.
  • Sawyer uses every opportunity to figure out the strengths and weaknesses of his enemies. (but we also have to remember that once he thinks he’s in control, he lets his guard down… remember his weapons cache…)
  • Benry watches everything… pay no attention to the man behind the cameras, he’s using everything he’s got to bend things in his direction.

Now, on to the rescue. Sayid and the Koreans are floating in the ocean waiting for Jack to acknowledge the signal. Sayid tries to play Sun against Jin to do what he wants, and as always plays his hand tight to his chest, while giving tell after tell after tell with his body language… Oh to get that boy at a poker table! Anyhoo. The discover the pier of doom where the Dharmalars let go of Michael and took the terrible three (Jack, Kate, Sawyer) into captivity. They moor the sailboat to the pier (idiots! fume!) and go ashore to build another fire to ‘signal Jack’ (which is Korean means, set a trap for the Dharmalars…) Jin totally knows what Sayid is doing, and to protect his wife and baby (or really, it COULD be Jae’s baby… if the infant comes out bald, Jin is gonna be pissed!) sends Sun to the boat… still on the peir. (idiots! fume! take it out and anchor, or tool around off shore for a bit… Sun can sail!… never mind, this isn’t Survivor, this is how to advance the story… and since Benry wants the boat, the writers must give Benry the boat…) Shockingly, the Dharmalars don’t go to the bright spot on the beach like a bunch of SEALs invading Mogadishu, but instead creep onto the boat, to take it as a prize. They encounter Sun, and using the gun that Sayid told her about, Sun shoots Colleen. Aww.. they could have been bestest buddies… Sun escapes through the sail hatch (seems the Dharmalars are stupid sailors too, since that would be the first place I’d cover knowing there is a fugitive on board) and makes it back to shore. The status of the boat and Colleen, unknown.

Finally we get the big Benry/Jack face off we’ve been wanting. (have we? I forget…) Well Jack is still non-responsive since he figured out his ex-wife is happy (still doesn’t know the name of that guy though…) and is sitting nicely in his corner. I think his plan is an anti-hunger strike. He’s gonna sit there and eat whatever they bring him until he starts to look like Lee “Apollo” Adama after six months in command of the Pegasus. Benry tries to make nice, then shockingly (feel the shock) he lets Jack (and reminds us) that they’ve been on the island for 70 days and in that time George Bush has been elected, bla bla blah, and the Red Sox have won the pennant. Jack loses it, and laughs at the joke. C’mon Benry, you MUST know about the curse of the Bambino, if you wanted me to bit on this little fascade, you’d have picked another team.. like the Cubs… or the Marlins (erp). Benry shows Jack the last out of the series on the television brought into the room just for this tasty bit of bait. Benry tells Jack he’ll let him go home if he helps them.


Roll the ‘Next Week’ footage! Oh Locke! Eko! Desmond! damn you lost writers!


  • Benry (Benjamin Linus) can only offer home to a person if he’s got a boat. Benry knows that Jack just wants to go home, and he needs that carrot to do Benry’s bidding.
  • Benry claims he is a lifelong inhabitant of the Island. Does that make the older lady in the book club his Mom? Are he and Juliet brother and sister? What about Colleen? Why is Benry in charge? Is it sibling rivalry between Ben and Juliet?
  • I think the Dharmalars are mostly made up of remants of the psychological part of Dharma, but Benry’s revelation (if true) has him pre-dating the Dharma camp by a number of years, so were there a number of people here before Dharma? Did they allow Dharma to build their encampments then slowly divide and conquer and infilitrate the Dharma people, like they did with Rouseau’s group, and now the Crashies?
  • The Lost producers confirmed in last weeks podcast that there are factions in the Dharmalars (Others) or at least one faction. They didn’t give more details, so it could be just the Benry v. Juliet thing, or a full on two party clash. Which Sawyers revelation of the fighting spirit of the Dharmalars may allow for a head-on confrontation, and split.


  • Is Colleen dead? Will that piss off Henry, as he loses another of his party to Crashies with guns. (Remember Ben, guns don’t kill people, People kill people.. sometime with guns…)
  • Will Sawyer get another fish biscuit?
  • Will Kate be in that dress the whole season? (hey, its good for ratings…)
  • Who will be the next person Kate kisses, Sawyer of Jack? Benry?

That’s all I got… I’ll update with other links to other’s recaps, later on…

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