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New ViOSified TV service.

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somewhere on misplacedkeys I detailed my Verizon FiOS Internet installation.  Still smoking along just fine and dandy.  Recently got a flyer in the mail that FiOS offers TV service now in my neighborhood.

Did the cost/benefit analysis, saved about $25 a month for basically what I had with TimeWarner (nee Comcast) so I booked and install, and today they came and installed.

The savings was enough that I put on some addons (the $25 savings is AFTER all the addons).  Added the HDTV DVR and the MultiRoom DVR, and two extra set-top boxes.  The MultiRoom allows the kids to watch recorded shows on their TV in the other room, while we watch what we want on our TV.  The other extra STB drives the ReplayTV that still is capturing away.

The HDTV DVR is a dual-tuner DVR that can record two shows at once.  It is a different dual-tuner setup, in that the TV actually either shows live TV or a recorded show, you can’t switch back and forth between the two tuners (if you are recording two shows, you can move back and forth between them)

So we can now record that third ‘must see’ show and catch up on somethings that we miss.  If we do that at all.  The things we lose, is mostly in usability.  The old DVR could use a reprogrammed remote to have a 30sec advance, as well as the quick 15-sec review.  That is gone on this system, FFW and REW, but no single button skip, and so moving through the commercials will be a skill building exercise.

The program package is fairly complete, with more HD channels that TimeWarner, and they are grouped ‘intelligently’ you want kids shows, 200-220, HD starts at 801, etc…  Picture quality is excellent.  Programming the DVR is a snap, and will basically record w single shows, or series, with a lot more options than the TimeWarner DVR.  Not as great as the ReplayTV, but very close.

Also the MultiRoom package enables a MediaManager that can serve up music and photos from a Windows Computer.   Which is gimmicky.. but kinda neat.

Video On Demand has some good choices, in both Free and PPV.  Bring on the television shows!

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Lost – Everyman For Himself

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Not a full recap, just comments, observations.

When Benry came in to get Juliet and tell her about Colleen getting shot, did he says, “The Sub is back?” The Sub, as in submarine? Or sub as in sub-group? Thoughts?

Didn’t learn much about anyone, we knew Sawyer could dupe and be duped. We knew Henry was a lying sack of manure. We knew that Sawyer gets beaten up … a lot…

So What’s New?

We got a glimpse of the island from the nearby island where Jack, Sawyer and Kate are being held. So the zoo is an another island, and if the zoo is where they kept the polar bears, then how did the polar bears get to the other island If the Others illylic town on the new island, or the main island? Ethan and Goodwin were able to ‘run to the beach in about an hour’, so I think they live on the main island, and are currently in the zoo research wing. Perhaps there was a land bridge across the two, and Dharma sunk it for research programs.

Kate, didn’t leave Sawyer alone… why? She’s been known to take care of herself, and she could have gotten back to the main camp (well maybe not given they are on another island…)

AHA — The SUB!

Okay… they do have a sub to move back and forth from main island to ‘the zoo’. They covered their captives head on the dock, before they moved them to their cages/tanks. They raided the sailboat, from the water side not the peir side (thought it was a continuity error before). They let Hurley go before thy hooded the rest of the captives. So I think the submarine actually !!!!! makes sense.
UPDATE: Added Screecaps, click to embiggen.
boatdoock-lost.png This is how the boat was docked on the pier, the bow facing the beach, port side to the open sea.

boatrraid-lost.pngThis is when the Others came aboard the Elizabeth. Note the port side of the boat is boarded, as the sail is tending to the stern. You can make out two sets of handrails, one for the sailbaot, and one from the SUB!
Okay, back to Kate. I think she’s been turned, and her role was to help turn Sawyer, then they’ll both battle Jack. The Other borg will assimilate them.

Desmond has some pre-cog, he wanted to move Claire’s tent, to avoid the lightening strike, then ruined Hurley’s radio antenna using it as a lightening rod… If you can’t move one, move the other. It’ll be interesting to see what they develop from that new power. I wonder if he’ll be able to contact Hiro Nakamora and have him call in the help in the big battle with the Others…

Okay.. That’s all I got… What are you’re theories?

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Jericho – 9:02

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Okay… I’m stating for the record that this showed has Jumped, quite possibly the proverbial shark.

9:02 – I gather is the time of ‘Federal Response’ and the time that the magical EMP blows out ever electronic part, everywhere.  Impressive range, but I call plot device.  Like someone would explode an EMP over rural Kansas, because … we’ll there just is so many Military Industrial Complexes…  *grr*

So now we really get into post-nuke phase.  Back to the stone age, and HAwkins is ‘compromised’ so he’s getting ll domestic, looking out for number one.  The hoodlums are being hoodlums, and Ms. IRS chick is going after farm boy.

Nothing much else happens, except we learn a little about why Jake left… he was involved in a theft gone wong apparently, and some poor kid got shot.  *yawn*

I watched happy days after the shark jump, so I’ll keep watching.

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