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November 1st, 2006

Potential SPOILERS in the extended section.. don’t read if you don’t want to be potentially spoiled.

Okay, so the buzz is someone gets offed tonight on Lost and it will be a SHOCKER. Leave a comment with your guess if you want to. My guess is Eko, my reasons are below the fold.

My reasons, Eko is injured badly, and has no medical support with Jack in captivity. The episode will draw on that contrast, Eko that we all love is wasting away from polar bear injuries, while Benry is slowly dying from a spinal cancer that Jack can operate and save his life. Eko centric episode so we’ll get flashbacks on Eko (just as we did with Boone  Ana Lucia and Claire when they died) and tie up his storyline.

The rest of the episode will be Locke trying to get to the other known hatches for medical supplies (either the Pearl or the Med station) and may see a image that was flashed on last weeks preview… Jack will refuse to treat Benry, and/or Benry won’t let Jack operate since he couldn’t save Colleen.

We’ll discover a glimse at a third group of ‘others’ that are either a splinter group of Benry’s or a total offshoot (ex-Dharmites… there is speculation that eye-patch guy in the video monitor might be Marvin Candle from the orientation films) that are trapsing around the island (the barefoot people that Eko and Jin saw when they chased after Michael). The importance of children will be raised soon, if not this episode, later episodes. I theorize that children are important to both groups of ‘others’ because procreation is nearly impossilbe on the island. I get this from watching a documentary on Easter Island, that told the story of how the island was once thriving, but after the islanders used up the natural resources of the island building statues, they ended up becoming war-like and the population dwindled. On the Lost island the two factions are in a ‘war’ and the only way to win the long war is to have better numbers… which was why Henry wanted someone in each camp of the survivors, to bring in those that could pro-create. Thus the importance of Claire, Sun, and possibly Kate (and Sawyer/Jack) is to start getting the baby boom going.

Those are my mind blowing thoughts regarding how Lost will progress, and the questions it starts to open these last two episodes before it goes into haitus until February. Lemme hear what y’all think.

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