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Memelicious: The 9

November 1st, 2006

h/t: Thinkling Jared.

Rules: Randomly list 9 people, preferably people you know. Do not read the questions below the list until you create your list. After your list of 9 people is complete, go back and answer each question, referencing your list.

My list:

  1. Angie
  2. Matt
  3. Debbi
  4. Lauren
  5. Danny
  6. Michael
  7. Brenna
  8. Roger
  9. Kathy

How did u meet number 3:
At church, the first time I recall was at Sunday SchoolWhat would you do if you had never met 1?

Cry. Often.

What would you do if 6 and 2 were going out?
Question God. I mean my best friend and my youngest son. That is just Sick. And. Wrong.
Have you ever seen 4 cry?

How do you know 8?
My accountability partner and spiritual buddy.
What do you think about 7?
My youngest daughter. She is brilliant and the most sensative person I know. She genuinely cares about everyone, and has an engaging personality.
What would you do if 5 confessed they loved you?
Relish in the love of my oldest son.
Fact about number 9?
Totally Health food nut.
Who is 4 going out with?
Some dude she met at the pool over the summer. We’ll no one yet, but she pines for him. Pines.
What’s 2 do for a livin?
Would you ever live with 8?
Em no. Neat. Freak. Muscian. Hippy.
Where does 7 live?
My house. For now.
what do you think about #3?
Teh crazee. Super duper minister to others, but yeah.. teh crazee.
What do you love about number 1?
She is the light of my life. She gets my jokes, and even sometimes laughs. She is the best cook ever. (You hear that kids!??!) She loves to have a great time, and makes my life complete.
Is 2 Your best friend?
Do you miss number 3?
Since I saw her last night at the FallFest? Um.. No not really.

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