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Frontiers of Flight Museum – Anousheh Ansari

November 2nd, 2006

A while back I posted about Lauren being able to talk live to space astronaut/tourist Anousheh Ansari. Tonight she is in town at the Dallas Frontiers of Flight Museum and has a special hour put aside simply for the kids that were invited to the previous event. It is really cool that they are putting the kids first, and making sure that they can all be seated, while the old fogies get stuck waiting outside. At least they have free internet so I can make this report.

If I’m lucky enough to be able to get a seat inside, I may try to live blog some of the event… if not… well this will be it.

I’m in!

UPDATE:  Here are some pictures of Anousheh Asari signing Lauren’s book and of her and Lauren. (click to embiggen)

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Watching a video on her experience. Ansari, I thought the name was familar is the sponsor of the Ansari X-Prize. Watching her get spun in the g-force simulator, and getting dressed in her astronaut garb. Making food, and then zero-gravity training. Learning how to speak Russian. Photo-ops. etc…

Video of the launch, the lift off looks so smooth. Now pictures of her in space, in orbit, looking down on earth. Must say, zero-gravity makes it tough on the hairdo.

Some live video shots in zero grav… Angie would ralph.

Compared to the Apollo command module, the space station is like a palace! Tons of room. Getting a shot of the sleeping arrangements, and her sleeping bag. She has a window seat, next to her sleeping bag.

Making a radio call from the space station to Iran – do you want to speak in Farsi? Heh. Her favorite picture – Yuri Gagarin with a dove. She is proud of the title ‘Hottest Astronaut Ever!’ heh.. she has a great sense of humor.

Good in orbit fun. Water droplets and M&Ms… a space tredmill, and elastic workout… space shampoo. Housekeeping. etc…

Going back home, and entering the space craft for the return flight, and closing the hatch.

touchdown in the steepes of Russia… errr.. I think.

Welcome home from her husband. I guess they don’t let retuning astronauts move after getting back on earth… This isn’t the last peice of space for Anosheh, she wants to continue to work in the space industry.

She is on stage now, live, and excited to be here. Asking questions of the kids. I raised my hand when she asked, “Who wants to go to space when you grow up?”

Lauren got to ask a question, after her prepare remarks. She asked, “What did you expect to find when you got to the International Space Station?” Anousheh said that she didn’t expect to see any space aliens, but she had heard that the stars were brilliant and beautiful, she said, “It is like a black velvet background, with diamond dust sprinkled over it, itwas beautiful.”

Neat Q&A with the kids, she spread the questions out all over he place and was very gracious in answering the questions.

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