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Survivor – Buh Bye Flica

November 4th, 2006

We are getting down the the merge, and it appears that people finally got tired of the c’est la vie that was Flica.  She certainly couldn’t be trusted in any alliance.

For the remaining 12, the numbers are interesting.  Four of the original asian tribe (only Cao Boi has left), four of the original white tribe (only Flica gone), three of the original black tribe, and only Ozzie is left from the Hispanic tribe.

So who will make the merge, and start playing for individual immunity?  The big four alliance of Yul, Becky, Sundra and Candice will probably make the merge, the two Aitu outsiders are Jonathan and Ozzie.  I think if Aitu goes to tribal, they’ll probably pick Ozzie to go if they council before the merge.  He is too dominant in the challenges to risk survival part the merge.  If he does make the merge, he’ll have to run the table because he is such a big challenge risk.

On the once powerful Raro, they have shifting alliances, since Pavarti looks out for herself, her vote is for sale.  Adam’s challenge acumen is highly over-rated, and I think he just expects to move on based on his physical talents.  Brad, Jenny, Nate and Rebecca may make a good alliance to challenge the Aitu alliance, but as the last reward challenge showed, Rebecca is extremely lacking in the physical challenges.  Add Pavarti to the group and you have in interesting alliance, should they all make the merge.

Will the tribes end up at even strength come the merge, it will make some interesting game play strategy wise.  This season hs shown that they aren’t afraid to mix up the formula to make the game more spontaneous, I wouldn’t be surprised with an early merge with even strength teams, and another two people must leave at the next tribal council.

Yeah… this is just NaBloPoMo fodder. 🙂

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