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Day Break – The show that isn’t lost, just repeating…

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I know I’m a day late, and behind a recap of Heroes, but I need to make a short comment on Day Break or as Matt calls it ‘Groundhog Day with Guns’.

First off the producers include a dramatic Dodgers 9th inning comeback every recurring day, so, like, I’m IN!  Then Adam Baldwin (Jayne! Shiny!) is in a major role.  Then good detective show where the audience is almost as confused as the hero, and slowly the audience will put things together a bit quicker than the guy stuck in the repeating day, and be all like, “Dude, don’t forget to save the gal from the bus!” and he’ll be like “oh yeah, my bad.”

So I’m hooked, Wednesday night will be saved, and if I ever give up the ghost on Jericho I’ll be able to watch Day Break and get in a good fix of television drama.  Not many spoilers in this post, if you missed it and want me to recapper it, comment and I’ll put it on my list. 😀

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Survivor – Two fer

November 17th, 2006 1 comment

Wow, good episode, mostly because Aitu completely rocks in the challenges, the retribution factor runs high in that tribe, and their focused attention to the tasks that challenge them just brings it.  The frat-boy, sorority-girl tribe of Raro just can’t keep up.  Jonathan, bless his heart, understands how desperate the situation is, and it absolutely right, the tribe needs to grow up.

Nate who was a confident prick last episode is sobbing now, as he realizes his situation.  The injection of the genie bottle at the immunity challenge really messed up everyone’s game.  Aitu who was in the  position of win or die would have been decimated had they lost.  I wonder if the producers had two bottles on the contingency that Aitu lost, or if Aitu really would have had to vote off two people.

The ashen faces of Raro were priceless as Parvarti read off the note inside the bottle, you’ve voted off one person, now you’ll vote off another.  The Cracker alliance stayed solid and the once over-confident Raro is clearly split.  There is a multi-ethnic four person alliance in Aitu, and a 4-1 alliance in Raro.  If they merge, and given Jeff’s statement at TC, perhaps doubtful, Aitu could pick up Nate and Raro could be picked off one by one.  Regardless, I think Yul and Ozzie have the best position at the moment, their performance in the challenges reminds me of Tom and Ian back in Pulau.

My, my, my how the proud have fallen… Raro falls from an 8-4 majority after Candace’s mutiny to a thin 5-4 spread, with at least two people ripe for the picking (Jonathan wouldn’t want to coddle the school kids he’s now attached to, and Nate has to feel close to betrayed after last night’s two-fer.  Wonder if they’ll let Aitu pick one more off, then offer another chance at a mutiny, and see who comes over then.  That would be interesting.  I give up on predicting, because this season clearly anything goes (that said, merge next week, you heard it here first… :D).

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*Hangs head*

November 17th, 2006 1 comment

from the quiz-queen, Jen.

Your Movie Buff Quotient: 74%
You are a total movie buff. Classics, blockbusters, indie favorites… you’ve seen most of them.
Your friends know to come to you whenever they need a few good DVD rental suggestions.
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