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Heroes – Six Months Ago

November 28th, 2006 6 comments

All was well in Mudville… well that is what it seems like. Six months ago is how far back Hiro warped himself to save Charlie the supersmart waitress of his dreams. Six months ago, Niki was a year sober and happily married, and that pesky Jessica wasn’t around. Six months ago Peter was a new hospice nurse with a nice crime fighting brother that was gonna clean up, even if it meant exposing dear old dad as a mafia supporter. Six months ago, Nathan had a vision of life out from under Lindeman and a wife that walked. Six months ago, Papa Suresh was discovering the people on his list of people with genetic markers for the next stage in evolution. Six months ago, Sylar was just the make of a wristwatch not a dark forboding shadowy personage. Six months ago, Claire made the cheerleading squad and her Dad was looking out for her, while saving Eden from herself. Six months ago, things were better. But things were starting to happen too…

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Little Help for the Big Tuna

November 28th, 2006 2 comments

Gutsy move coach. If it doesn’t work out and Gramatica truns out to be Scatteratica you’ll want to pick up a good kicker in the draft.

May I suggest Alexis Serna? Made a 58 yarder against the Trojans. His percentage is down a bit this year, but only because the guy has 14 attempts greater than 40 yards, 6 from over 50 (making 4 of them). Oregon State, you might question as a poor football school, well Chad, Steven and TJ all say neeeyaahhhhh.

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