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Last thing I put on in the morning is my shoes and SOKKAS

December 15th, 2006 1 comment

Cuz, SweetBippy did it, and cuz Lauren is a Avatar freakazoid … (hey, so am I… I’m just you know.. old)

Which Avatar Character are You?

Find out @ Distant Horizon.

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Okay you want an update… just remember you ASKED for it.

December 15th, 2006 4 comments

Like I have time for you little blog readers, but whatever. 😉

Okay first week in December I tried to kill myself… well not literally, just figuratively.  Big project at work that must be done by Friday.  No problem, really, just lots of hours actually doing work.  Then in the off time there was Dinner Theater practice, just about every night.  I played mean ol’ Col. Walling (I think…) a roundhead (apparently) constable during the English Civil War that tossed a bunch of worshipers into the brig for having a Christmas service.  Serves them right I say!  Sorry, still trying to get out of character.  Angie had a role as part of the adult chior, and sang a solo in the opening scene, she also worked her bottom off getting the sets painted and working.  The older chilluns were also involved the girls took part in the opening scene and then had featured roles (at least to us parental units) in the ‘Dickensish’ orphanage scene.  The show went off without a hitch Friday night and Saturday night.  Leavning us dead on our feet by Sunday.  ‘Course (say it with me) ‘Dinner theater doesn’t end until after service on Sunday’ meant we fulfilled our duties and then collapsed into little pools of jello mush.  Called in sick on Monday, helped clean up what we’d been ignoring the final three weeks building upto the performance.

Tuesday was better, as was Wednesday, but c’mon no new TV really, and none of you are as absorbed in Day Break (which is excellent, and much better than ‘The Nin3’ idocy) so what am I to talk about?

Yesterday my father popped in for a nice visit, he got to take the kids to the park while Ang and I showered (hadn’t gotten the chance with the last minute cleaning and all, TMI? surry)  then we went to Brenna’s Christmas show at school (only 4th graders allowed, 2nd graders must not be able to sing and play the xylophone that well), then went and had yummy BBQ at Shady Oak.  Dad had a hankering for some good Texas BBQ (because KC BBQ, sorry, just isn’t the same…) and so we got the Trashcan lid (really that is the menu item) loaded with Ribs, Chicken, Brisket and Sausage, and yummy sides.  The youngers still had their chicken-like substance floursed and deep fried, but Lauren and the big peeps devoured a lot of meat, then saved more of the meat for future devourings (D’OH forgot to pack that for my lunch!)
Oh, since this is stream of conciousness reporting, I should probably mention, though I still try to not remember than my oldest turned 12 on Wednesday (12 grandma, not 14.. m’kay?) which means I’m that close (holding thumb and forefinger that mush apart) from having a teenaged daughter.  I’m not quite ready to handle that, and the double whammy next year of that actually occuring, and me advancing in age past double-digits that start with three, really makes for a bummer December next year.  *sigh*

But we must be jolly while there is still time, there will be time for wailing and gnashing of teeth next year.

So, while not exactly 40 days of silence for my sins of not completing NaBloPoMo, I think I’ve done my pennance, so stand by for more content-free (TM Fireant Eric) posting in the days to come.  We’ve got exciting tales of house cleaning, and packing and journeying to the great white northern wilds of suburban St. Louis (Missouri side).  Oh and the monster-in-law (just kidding, I LURVE my mother-in-law, because when she comes I at least have someone fighting on my side… 🙂 ) is dropping in for a few days visits before we drive north to St. Looey.  Course she’ll go to St. Looey first, then fly down to the big D, then fly back to St. Looey so we’ll all be under one roof (or one roof and a hotel) for the larger part of whats left of 2006.

See, that is gripping isn’t it… about as gripping as the last epi of Surivior.  Yul is so not going to win, but he’ll push Ozzie to the top spot, and be happy with his second place dough.

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