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Lost – catching up.

February 7th, 2007

I guess Cuse and Liddlehof are supposed to do a one hour “Lost Survival Guide” tonight (set your appropriate TV recording device accordingly) an hour before kickoff.

If it fails, you can read my summary of the last six episodes below.

Jack is a caged shark, waiting for someone to jump him.

Kate and Sawyer sitting in a cage K-I-S-S-I-N-G.

Eko survives the blast, only to get blasted by the monster.

Desmond is a naked physic.

Locke re-found his voice, vision and faith, and will look to the north, as Eko’s stick told him.

Bernard and Rose … um yeah.. I got nothing, and neither did they.

Sayid can’t plan an ambush, so he makes Sun and Jin walk back to camp.

“Henry” == Ben and he has a tumor in his spine, and he spent the first six episodes scheming a way to make Jack operate on him.  A freaking waste of our time, the TV audience says, and so they punish ABC in droves by not watching Day Break.  Yeah, still bitter about that… surry.

Benry’s team of ‘others’ include Julia who’s role is to make the Jack-Kate-Saywer triangle into a parallelogram… Ask BSG how that is working for them.

Benry’s henchmen are legion, one got offed by Sun in the sailboat, which really ticked off Pickett who will get Saywer and his little fish-biscuit too!

Zeek, is just a low-level tool.  Benry is the man, and has another man, possibly with an eye-patch above him.

The first two seasons totally missed Paulo and Nikki as survivors in the main section of the plane.  Turns out that, get this, they are like totally HOT.  Who’d thunk that all the survivors would be totally hot, I guess all the ugly people got killed or drowned, or taken by the others.

Hurley walked back to camp, all alone, and well was totally Hurley.  Which we love.

Benry showed Sawyer that the three amigos are in captivity not on the main island, but on another island ‘two miles offshore’ of the island they crashed on.  So now, Jack, who agreed to operate on Benry, has nicked a vein, and is holding Benry hostage, while allowing Kate and Sawyer time to ‘run for it’, not knowing they can’t really, unless they are, like, really really good swimmers.  Jack says ‘Go Now!’

*Lost Boom sound*

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