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From the clipping room floor – Heroes

February 13th, 2007

Mohinder with his new cohort, Sylar, are driving to meet the next person on ‘The List’

Sylar: Hey can we stop by Trader Joe’s?
Mohinder: why?
Sylar: Just have a hankering for some fava beans..
Mohinder: Okay, sounds yummy!
awkward silence as they drive]
[Mohinder: So… what’s a good main dish that goes with fava beans?
Sylar: Ummm… well.. you’re from India, have you ever had monkey brain?
Mohinder: Oh course… when I was a child, my father …
[insert 6 minute monologue discussing monkey brain evolution and special preparation detials]
… so yes, I’m quite familar with monkey brains.
Sylar: ZzzzzzZZZZzzzzz
Mohinder: [nudges Slyar awake]
Sylar: muhfmm.. snork.. huh… wha?
Mohinder: I said yes, I have eaten monkey brains
Sylar: well they’re kinda like that.

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