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American Idol – the Final 24

February 15th, 2007

and now with the freakshow finished we get to see who made the cut.  I’m with others that think the final two chosen should have gone the other way.  Sundance didn’t perform well in Hollywood, and if he can’t handle the dim lights of auditions, then hows he gonna handle the blaring bright lights.  The final girl contestant is a Jersey girl twit from what we’ve seen of her, though I do remember her thinking her dim-watted friend was the better singer.

My votes so far (and I’ve never actually voted, my wife doesn’t let me dial the phone) are going to Chris Sligh , the surprisingly chubby curly haired guy that auditioned in Birmingham.  Anyone that lists fellow idol contestants as their musical influences is someone that isn’t so influenced by “The Show” to resort to fan-boyish fantasies.  He kinda reminds me of John Popper from Blues Traveler.  None of the girls really grab me as anything special so far.  Let the obsessiveness begin.

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