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Idol Blogging – da Grrlz

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Just a little shout out for Simon: I wish people would let him finish. I think he really is trying to help the contestants with constructive comments, or to help them understand how their perceived by the audience. But predictably, he gets about 10 words out of his mouth before Randy or Paula open their traps and tell him his wrong. That is my number one problem with the format, is that Randy and Paula don’t give Simon the same courtesy that he regularly grants them, the time to state their thoughts without interruption. okay, enough ranting.

Melinda, Jordin, Stephanie and Sabrina rocked, ’nuff said.

Leslie and Amy were alright, I agree with Simon’s comments: Haley was uncomfortable (and has a really low range, which is awkward for a majority of the songs they’ll cover) and Amy was forgetable.

Jersey Girl Antonella is out of her element, should have stayed at the mall. She’ll be gone.

Nicole has pipes, but needs to control it, a bit over the top, but if she tempers it she can be a top shelf competitor. (Simon’s comments are spot on)
Haley‘s lyrics felt rushed, and her timing seemed off, good voice, but eh performance.

Alaina struggled, they should strike Chrisse Hynde songs from the playlist, it wasn’t the best performance.

Gina is one that for some reason I’m rooting for, I like the people that keep banging their heads against the wall.  She takes on Celine, that usually get a frown from the judges, and I think she has the voice to do it.

Lakisha wraps the show up.  Big and I mean BIG voice.  I see a bit of Jennifer Hudson in her as she sung that, eyes wide and just letting it rip.  Top shelf.
Okay, sorta wish that four guys could go, because frankly the girls kicked their ass.  I think that Antonella and Alaina have sung their last song on American Idol.

Boys, get on the stick, or you’ll be wiped out in the final twelve.  I think debily may have called a two girl final two.

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helpful links for me…

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2007 is the year I’m going to get serious about getting out of credit card debt, here is a link to a tool that will help: snowball calculator

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got both of those links from here

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Idol Blogging – da Guyz

February 21st, 2007 3 comments

12 sing, 2 will go home Thursday.  I’ll keep it short, because really… we don’t have much to go on with these guys.  My top two:

Chris Sligh – total geek, to know enough about Simon to string together El Divo and the Teletubbies in a off-the-cuff remark back to Simon, too funny.  plus he sang well too, his odd mix of John Popper/Jack Osborne looks will keep him interesting too.

Blake Lewis – though I was put off with the beat-boxing as nothing but a gimmick, I was impressed with his singing last night, and picking a Travis song to cover, bold move that paid off with the judges.  I’m gonna go against Randy and say, the beat-boxing should not be his ‘thang’.. don’t make that part of your normal act kid, just sing.  Keep it in your back pocket and play it when it counts.

Two people that should be going home:

Sundance Head – all we know is that his first audition in front of the panel rocked.  After that its been a downhill slide, and Simon’s comment about Dad singing at a wedding – – – OUCH.  He’ll get offed because people resent that he got to the final 24 because of his one audition.

The second one is a bit more tough to gauge.  Idol has now become a popularity contest, and not pure talent, and though I’d love to see Chris (keep me because I look like Justin, without the talent) Richardson and Sanjaya Malakar be given the ‘bad day’ bus ticket home.  I, like Jen, fear the teeny-bopper demographic, so instead we’ll probably see a middle of the road performer that has potential but no flair get the boot.  My pick, for no particular reason, Jared Cotter.

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