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Idol Predictions

February 22nd, 2007

Remember DialIdol had the low down before the show last season, lets see how the dialing program will work with a full field of competitors.

But first, you have to measure the VoteForTheWorst effect, which can be strong early, and it appears their first victim will be Antonella (please say it ain’t so!). But Stacy says that there will be some announcement on the show, perhaps the producers trying to protect the vaunted Idol ratings against… well *never mind* there are now shows to compete against Idol, at least not on Wednesday night… but let’s hope the announcement is the Antonella will get the boot and we won’t have her around for freaking ever.

I say that because in my unscientific poll of blogs that wrote about last night, Antonella was universally hated, but DialIdol has her at number two, firmly ensconced between Lakisha and Melinda.

DialIdol predicts that Paul Kim and Nicholas Pedro will get the boot. (Maybe Shanjaya is getting some VFTW love?) along with Amy Krebs and that other girl who has two A-letter names. (I forget her name, because according to DI, she didn’t get one stinking vote… OUCH!)

Update: DialIdol got Amy and Paul right. Rudy and Nicole also get the boot, they were within the margin of error, but still without the VFTW effect, they should have stayed and Antonella and Sanjaya left… but *sigh* there is always next week.

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  1. deboobily
    February 22nd, 2007 at 17:27 | #1

    Check out my blog – I’m gonna call the final six girls! See if I’m right!!

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