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Thursday Night TV – Grey’s and farewell TheOC!

February 23rd, 2007

Haven’t watched Survivor yet, fear not it is still in the queue.  Busy night, had to accept the accolades of my lessers at our fantasy football celebration banquet (Pizza Joint Carmine’s on Coit & Campbell was selected as the location for the festivities).  Then made my bible study to hear about the Labor sphere in the Truth project’s worldview (kinda stuffed it into a capitalist frame, not sure that isn’t entirely eisegesis at bit on the host’s part… but it was a good session).  Made it home in time to queue up two shows to watch with Ang, two of our favorites to watch together.

Grey’s Anatomy

Great episode.  The last two were great, the first of the three-epi arc was ‘meh’, but this last one, great.  I really doubted that Mere would die, though they kept that possibility open as long as they could.  Stacy called the fact that mama-dith was the one that would die.  Which kills the drudging background stomp of mommy-issues.  If dark&twisty Meredith can overcome the death of her mother, then mer-der has a chance at summ-seth bliss.  Great cut at the end of the McSteamy/Montgomery-Shepherd-Montgomery Celibacy Challenge, McSteamy might win the 60 day no sex race, as Alec keeps edging into the center of MSM’s radar screen.  Great parts: Alec’s shoulder squeeze on Izzy when we knew Meredith was safe.  Every scene with Coach Taylor.  Denny rocked the show.  Christina’s announcement about her nuptials to Burke, seconds after she knew Mere didn’t suffer too much drain bamage.  Chief rocked his parts, and his admission to dying his hair for the ladies.

The OC

Fitting ending.  They certainly could have kept the storylines going, making a 6 month jump in the show, but this episode hit all the marks.  The Summer-Seth relationship, and the meta from ‘Briefcase/No Briefcase’ and The Valley was just the right touch.  What new show will keep us informed of the 5 new seasons that the Valley has won?  For most of the show I was waiting for a commercial plug from Fox for a new show starting next week called TheUC, set in Berkeley, California.  The boys trying valiantly to get Ma and Pa Cohen’s old house was great.  The last montage was awesome and allows us fans to cherish the show more fore giving us a nice package tied in a bow.  Seth letting Summer go follow her passion.  Julie Cooper graduating from college with her two beaus and her remaining daughter wearing ‘Team Julie’ tee-shirts.  Sandy Cohen teaching!  And the last scene with Ryan paying it forward to another misplace youth.  I’ll miss the show that gave us Chrismuhkkah, but it was a nice finale, that celebrated the good points of the show.  (and only gave us a glimpse of Marissa, and totally ignored Oliver and Theresa)

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