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Lost – Enter 77

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I’m not going to do a detailed recap, there are lots of other places that recap better than I, and my time and brain power is a bit limited today.

Back to a single Island LOST and things are going back to their normal ways, keeping track of the beachies, and following the action of one of the exploring adventurers.  We’ve lost track of Jack, but that is okay, keep him off the screen a bit, let Fox have a mini-vacation, he’s earned it, just stay away from Thailand, Jack, m’kay?

The Beachies had a good time taking away Sawyer’s stuff, who would have made a terrible king of the flies anyways.  Best line from Sawyer is a time between asking Paulo, “who the hell are you?” and dubbing Sun and Jin – crouching tiger and hidden dragon.  It will be hard to not have the sawyerisms for a few episodes, but my lawd we’ve gotten blitzed by them the last few episodes haven’t we?

Locke, Kate, Sayid and Danielle find the Flame station, and are confronted with the apparent ‘last Dharmie’, which turned out to be bull.  Sayid does a great job of actually, you know, asking questions and getting answers, and for a while it was confirmation city of a bunch of plot points (other rebellion, some sort of submarine, dharma as a project on the island is dead, &tc).  Surprisingly, Sayid sees through the subterfuge and we are left wondering, what if anything Mikhail Bakunin said was true.  Another Dharma computer gets fried, because of the long standing Lost tradition of the main characters refusing to share the tactical situation with others, perhaps an over the shoulder comment of, “Yo! John, lots of C4 is rimming this place, don’t press any buttons, m’kay pal?”  Instead we see the Locke is trying out for the role of the last living Dharma Initiative and does the bidding of the computer, and boom goes the Flame hatch (mixed blessing, we don’t have to endure a season of hatch sitting like last season, but we don’t get to dig into all the juicy Dharma manuals in the basement either.)

Good episode, pace is picking up, and Lost will pick up more viewers as other shows go into mini-haituses, so long as Fox keeps shifting the post-Idol love around hopefully LOST will inch back up in the ratings.

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Thursday Wednesday non-lost TV

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Lost post is coming, but lets get the preliminaries out of the way.

Jericho – Hawkins escaped being double crossed, Jake had a truck fall on him and lived (is it just me, or couldn’t someone use that big old truck bed as a lever, and have gotten Jake out sooner?) Ma and Pa get juiced then save our heroes. *yawn* *snork* wha? Yeah, Jericho, you could have been great.

American Idol – The girls are simply in another league. Melinda and Lakisha are from another planet. The boys sang to a virtual tie on DialIdol, the bad news is the Sligh and Sanjaya are both in danger of staying and or leaving. My votes for who goes, Sundance and Sanjaya. Though Phil was pretty darn bad on Tuesday. My pick for the girls leaving Antonella and Haley (I think that is her name), though Antonella may have one more week in her, due to the VFTW effect, and Sabrina may go home, I hope they don’t send Gina home, she at least will bring something different each week, instead of the big three diva-ing it up each week.

Update: called two of the four for leaving, but mentioned all 6 of the bottom 6, so kudos to me. Lets all NOT vote for Sanjaya next week, m’kay?

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