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Idol Predictions – The 12

March 14th, 2007 1 comment

My personal pick is Sanjizzle, but since its early, and VFTW love can help push him further and the sweet sweet love of his incredible moldable hair will have sheeple calling for hours just wanting to see what type of floomable wonder will appear next week, he’s probably safe.  Unfortunately the first week on the big stage had many stalwarts fall into the ‘meh’ category so there are a lot of forgettable performances.  Haley crying her eyes out may get her a sympathy vote, that and the potential for a future wardrobe malfunction may keep her safe.  Sligh may have made a big oopsie in re-arranging and old standard, a brave move, that may prove his undoing.  This was the week to try something weird like that, because their were  A LOT of marginal singing, but hacking up Endless Love… hmm.  Who’s gonna go?  I think it will be a boy, and either Brandon or Phil, though I wouldn’t be surprised if a shocker puts Sligh on the slide home.

Now, looking at Dial Idol, they have Melissa and Kiki as safe, along with Sanjizzle.  Putting everyone else in the ‘unsafe’ category, due to the huge Margin of Error.   The MOE has Brandon and Jordin as possible for third place, which puts the other seven in the ‘Danger Will Robinson’ category.  Using that data, I still think Phil is in danger, because no one like being yelled at.  For our top two heroines, a early Stephanie exit might be a good thing, and since she is in the same demo as Mel and Kiki, she might not get the votes to continue.  But really this thing in up in the air, which may prove to be a ‘shocker’ this week.

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