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Flying Pink Unicorns

March 20th, 2007

Urm.. no sorry, that is Floating Point Unit.

Nope – Still wrong.

We are starting Financial Peace University at our church.  And so I’ve added a category of ‘Green Stuff’ to the list, so you can cure your insomnia reading about silly little financial advice.  We’re going into the class with a bit of momentum, in that we paid off our van last month with the bulk of my 4Q bonus.   That is a $425/month bill that goes into our cash budget, which isn’t much of a budget.  Now that were are at least treading water without taking a drink every few weeks, its time to also get serious on the rest of the debt load we carry.

This class is a step, and not THE ANSWER but more tools for our tool book, and a chance to continue the momentum and keep financial planning near the front of our minds.   SO more to come, and probably some belly rumblings as I ‘kick at the goads’ a bit, and realize that the path to being rid of debt is the right path for me, and my family.

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