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Lost – Theories and such…

March 22nd, 2007 4 comments

yah.. i know, I’m teh suck. No recap again, and I still missed last week. So instead of recapping .. (you know where to go for that) I’ll do some theorizing commentaritizing stuff.

First off, the rest of this assumes that you are at least caught up through ‘Man from Tallahasse’, if not, stop go away and come back when you have been properly initiated. I’m not pausing of stuffing this in the more section. Deal.


Ben plays Locke like a big bass drum. Seriously, all Ben needs to keep a lock (heh) on his power is to tell Locke to do things, and Locke will end up talking himself into it. Think back, Ben is the one that put the seeds of doubt in Locke regarding pushing the button that exploded the hatch. Put his distrust of computers and all things Dharma, that made him discover and destroy the Flame station, reserving a chunk of C4 for any other opportunity to blow things up. Then when he finds Ben, Ben convinces him that blowing the sub is not what Ben wants, when it is exactly what Ben wants. Locke striding out of the jungle is as helpful to Ben as Jack falling from the sky. Which leads to…

The Big Magic Box (not the goracle’s lock box, or so we hope). This is where the island seemingly gives people what they most desire, kinda like Jack Sparrow’s compass. And it is fairly reliable, and a recurring theme that explains many of the manifestations. Locke walks again because he wants it. A bear appears because Walt imagines it. Jack’s dad plays the white rabbit, because Jack is mourning. Kate is reminicing and a horse appears. Eko feels guilt about his brother, and he appears. Yadda Yadda, but it along with seemingly miraculous things appearing, there is also a long string of coincidences that bring this magic box to fruition. Ending up with the revelation that Locke’s dad is on the island, and in Ben’s custody. Is he the ‘Man from Tallahasse?

Speaking of Dads, doesn’t just about EVERYONE on the plane have Daddy Issues? Jack does, Locke does, Charlie does, Claire does, Kate does, Sun does, Jin does (though his Dad doesn’t seem as bad as the others, he just a lowly fisherman, which Jin doesn’t want to inherit, but kinda wishes he does now). Obviously Walt did, and Michael is on the reverse side. Just once I’d like to see a dysfunctional mother, just for a tad bit of fairness.

My theory on Pappa Locke getting to the island is that he is somehow wrapped up with Julia’s appearance on the island, and will be related to Richard (the guy that convinced her to come) along with Ethan. Also there will be some twist to involve the other Tallahasseans Sawyer and Kate into the six degreeness that is another recurring theme. (speaking of 6 degrees it returns Friday… I see nothing about The Nin3… sorry deboobily.)

Also my working theory on Paulo/Nikki is they are so going to be exposed as others, and the Paulo/Nikki backstory ep (Expose – there is supposed to be a swirly thingy on the last e) comes next week. The producers were pumping up the intrigue on this one in there weekly podcast, so that butresses my theory that this will be in island centric backstory, that will reveal how NP infiltrated the group, and the beachies are totally screwed.

Thinking forward, for my local peeps, last night I didn’t get to watch this til like Midnight, because of the AI party at my house (buh bye Stephanie, we hardly knew ya. Sanjay, we wish we never knew you) I’m thinking it would be fun to plot out a season ending Lost party, any interest?

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