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What th… wow, I have a blog, guess I should update it.

April 2nd, 2007 1 comment

mea culpa, &tc.  Last week was a bit hectic, so let me kinda give a summary for my 2 1/2 readers, so you don’t think I fell off the end of the world.

work:  last week was our staff meeting, which srsly cuts down on my ability to think outside of work.  It is fun in an exhausting sort of way.  That couple with

church networking: which I’ve spent too many hours working on getting a windows small business server up and running, sorta, kinda, *sigh*.  the hours spent on this has meant less time spent

watching tv: which I haven’t been doing.  I’ve caught up a bit with the reality mix (survivor and the amazin race) and the entertainment mix (idol and dwts), and I did catch LOST (expose) which I thought was wonderfully done, and left some interesting questions and plot devices just lying around the island (spiders, walkie-talkie, diamonds).  But I’m behind on everything else.  Trying to watch The Riches which is good stuff, FX does a good job with the darker dramas, but I’m at least two episodes down, good thing for DVRS.

FPU and Family: We’ve done some work around the casa, last week we (the kids and I) did some yard work, which helped beat back the jungle a bit.  FPU budgeting is in the house, which means we are controlling our spending, and using a plan.  Good discussions at church during the FPU sessions, have realized that we are in the same bag as many others.  Discussions at home on the budgeting planning mix have been mixed, but at least we’re having them, instead of just ignoring the elephant in the room.  It will get better, and our debt snowball has us debt free in 30-36 months.  We can do it faster if we allot some bonus money, or extra employment income.  So it’s all good.

What going on in your neck of the woods?

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