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Mediocre Idol

April 11th, 2007

I wasn’t too impressed with any of the contestants, Blake and Melinda were aiight, and then lump the rest together.  Even Simon had tepid praise for Sanjaya, so it seems the judges are resigned to seeing him continue.

Dial Idol has everyone in the bottom-three tonight, which means for DI there is no standout contestant.  Since there are some VFTWers that use DI software to dial for them, that even may skew the number for the Sanjizzle.  So there is some hope of redeeming the year with a surprise boot.  But the lowest DI score was Lakisha.  If Lakisha goes, then that raises Melinda’s value.  If Blake can tred water until Chris R. leaves then it is fairly clear that Melinda and Blake will be in the finals.  Unless there is a Haley wardrobe malfunction — then all bets are off.

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