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New Foxhole Podcast

August 1st, 2007

foxhole.pngA new John from Cincinnati podcast is out from Jay, Chris, Mark and Justin at the Foxhole Podcast site. Also they started a message board (see link in the sidebar) where lots of JFC conversations are being bandied about.

The podcast is well produced, and the discussions on the podcast are very enlightening. I think their production is much like Lostcasts podcast (LOST), or the 10th Wonder podcast (Heroes). In this format a discussion focusing on a popular television show is a great way to understand some of the finer details of a show.

While John From Cincinnati only has two episodes left in this season (and hopefully will be picked up for another season.. please HBO) the Foxhole guys are going to keep podcasting, starting over with Deadwood, season one episode one. The hosts are big David Milch fans, and their commentary regarding his dramas will be time well spent.

Thanks for the shout out on the podcast guys!

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