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Gospel Driven Church

August 8th, 2007

No not the book, the blog.

Thinkling Jared’s new blog. He’s had a few and I’m glad to see him start this new one. His theological musings have always inspired and enlightened me. He has the awesome ability to write clearly, and make a point that sticks (and sometimes stings).

Here is a snippet from one of his posts, A Post-It Theses for these Newfangled Glass Church Doors :

1. Discipleship is designed to be experienced in community. God saves individuals, but He does not save them to an individual faith but to a kingdom life populated with other citizens who share that faith.

2. The Bible designates one vessel to hold this kingdom community, and it is The Church. You might fraternize with other believers in coffee shops, informal communes, online chat rooms or forums, blogs, bars, or the big outdoors, but only biblical churches satisfy the discipleship need for The Church.

3. Honest Christians will differ on what constitutes a “biblical church,” and while disagreement is understandable and okay, beware of any church that says, explicitly or implicitly, “we do it right” or “we do it better” than the church down the street.

4. Ecclesiological one-upmanship (“My church is better than your church”) is a sin.

5. The reason you should not give up on church or The Church is because Jesus did not give up on you. And if He calls the church His Body, giving up on it means giving up on Him.

6. There are no perfect churches, especially if they have people in them.

7. Expecting a church to “fit” you or to always be comfortable or catering to your needs is arrogance and foolishness.

I look forward to reading more of his posts, and who knows… maybe it will inspire me to write better, or at least more often.

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