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Five is right out!

September 12th, 2007 1 comment

Each morning, as part of my ritual, I begin my blog reading. I have several that I frequent regularly, and a few that I read waaaaay too much. But there are three that I look forward to each morning, because I know that there will always be something edifying, convicting or uplifting in what I read.

One –Pyromaniacs is a group blog of Phil Johnson, Dan Phillips and Frank Turk (aka Centurion) (technically they list Pecadillo as a member, but I’ve never seen an actual post of his) write many post on many edifying topics. Their zeal for truth is evident. They always have sharp wit, with kicking graphics that put a flavor to their blog branding that others should emulate.

Two – Gospel Driven Church is the blog of Jared Wilson, a great writer, with great insights. His posting of late have challenged me to find way I can proclaim the gospel in how I write and how I teach. Convicting often, but humble always Jared’s writing is a welcome stop during my morning coffee.

FiveEvangelical Outpost is Joe Carter’s daily dose of just about everything. Sometimes geeky (see Yak-Shaving and 33 Things) sometimes thoughtful, always worthwhile, EO will be moving to my Daily Reads blogroll (soon as I figure out how I want to sort em out).

What are your favorite blogs to read each day? (and yeah, I’m not counting Angie, Matt or Debily in my three favorite, cuz, well they’re family. )

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