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Religious Symbology

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From Pyromaniacs:


Its funny, its irreverent, its painfully truthful.

BONUS: Elvis & Elvis

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TV Premiere Week – Synopsizes in 5 Words or Less

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I’m backing up to Survivor of last week, and I think I’m current with what I want to watch, so hang tight, here we go.

  • Survivor:China – Passive Aggressive Chicken Dumped – Woo!
  • Chuck – Awesome, Chuck wears Chucks! Cool!
  • Heroes – Hiro becomes his own Hero.
  • Journeyman – Redemption in a tool box.
  • House – Guitar Hero searches for bandmates.
  • Beauty and the Geek – Tony is not a Rapper
  • Kid Nation – PETA, help us promote show!
  • Bionic Woman – I knew Starbuck was Cylon!
  • Private Practice – Addison nekkid and under worked.

Others that I haven’t watched, but might keep on the back burner in case one of these shows gets Daybreak’d: Reapers, Life.

Up for tonight: Survivor, The Office, Grey’s Anatomy

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