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Monday Night – Synopsii

October 2nd, 2007

Haiku week continues…

First up is Chuck:

Chuck back at BuyMore
Training Casey how to sell
Sarah burns wieners

Doc Zarnow examines
Chuck sees Oceanic Flight
815 shot down

Zarnow drives off
Car explodes in dark of night
Casey thinks Sarah

Fight in Wienerville
Sarah fends off blunt Casey
Linux install, Chuck!

Casey chases Chuck
SUV exploding ball
Chuck doubts Sarah too

Dinner with Ellie
Morgan, Sarah, Capt Perfect
Magic! Souffle ruin

Murder? not Zarnow
Sarah captured in Z’s truck
Chuck, Casey pursue

Rescue Sarah, Chuck!
Tranq dart! Hero trapped helo
Escape! Pilot snooze

Chuck! can’t fly helo
Like a game!  Chuck! says Sarah
Helo lands lightly

Wienerville dinner
All in attendance with Chuck
Trust me, says Sarah

Phew, 5-7-5 is hard to do, however recap 1 is through.  Now Heroes:

Detective Parkman
Seeks murderer of Kaito
Ms. Petrelli shrieks!

Haiti! Mohinder
To save the Haitian from death
Huh? where am I at?

Claire is a lizard
Beautiful toe pops right off
Grows back. O-M-G

Hiro is Kensei
Legend, he begins to form
Takezo shot! HEALS!

Cursed is Maya
Alejandro to redeem
Mexico, alone

Noah schemes a plot
In back of Copy Kingdom
Welcome back, old friend

That’s all I’ve got.

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  1. deboobily
    October 2nd, 2007 at 08:52 | #1

    alas! once again
    I defer to your recap
    your shows are not mine

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