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Why my garage door stopped working

October 5th, 2007 4 comments


Before:  This is from 7 years of wear, original cheap rollers, a under-powered spring, misalignment, a mini-van strike, under supported door panels and just general wear and tear.  All the teeth have been totally worn down on the teflon gear.



After:  New teflon gear, just look at those sharp teeth.  Also added more support to the door panels, an addition spring (actually replaced the old one and added two new ones).  When finished the door will work, and then we’ll have to clean.  That is for another day, and — NO THERE WILL BE NO PICTURES!!!

Thursday Night Haikus (a catch up)

October 5th, 2007 2 comments


Jean-Robert and James
Marked for death before merge
Good bye to Leslie

The Office

Infinity! Tech!
Gift baskets not included
Tech drowns Michael’s car


Hearing with her eyes
Test case for new team hopefuls
Cameron knows House

Pushing Daisies

A new bright delight
Though death and dying are rife
Reair tonight, WATCH!

I’m way behind! a busy week.  To many shows! my DVR keep. 

Will try to watch, as time allows.  While through mounds of clothes, I dutifully plow.