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Wednesday Night TV Haikus

October 4th, 2007 4 comments

Kid Nation! Dust Storm!
Mallory cries! Deal With IT!
No Pizza For YOU!

Bionic Woman
Zzzzz! Snork! Huh? Whuzzat?! Boring!
I’ll try ‘nother night.

Pushing Daisies! Wow!
Bright Colors! Brighter Story!
Ned! Chuck! Raise the dead!

Golf Balls & Coffee

October 3rd, 2007 2 comments

image When things in your life seem almost too much to handle, when 24 hours in a day are not enough, remember the mayonnaise jar and 2 cups of coffee…

A professor stood before his philosophy class and had some imageitems in front of him. He picked up a very large and empty mayonnaise jar and filled it with golf balls. He asked the students if the jar was full. They agreed it was. The professor then picked up a box of pebbles and poured them into the jar. He shook the jar lightly and the pebbles rolled into the open areas between the golf balls. He asked the students if the jar was full. They agreed it was. The professor picked up a box of sand and poured it into the jar. image

Of course, the sand filled up everything else. He asked once more if the jar was full. The students responded with a unanimous, “YES!” The professor then produced 2 cups of coffee from under the table and poured the entire contents into the jar effectively filling the empty space between the sand. The students laughed.

As the laughter subsided, the professor said, “Now, I want you to recognize that this jar represents your life. The golf balls are the important things – your family, your children, your health, your friends, your passions. And, if everything else was lost and only they remained, your life would still be full.

The pebbles are the other things that matter, like your job, your house, your car. The sand is everything else – the small stuff. If you put the sand into the jar first, there is no room for the pebbles or the golf balls.

The same goes for life. If you spend all of your time and energy on the small stuff, you will never have room for the things that are important to you. Pay attention to the things that are critical to your happiness. Play with your children. Spend time with your parents. Visit with your grandparents. Take time to get medical checkups. Take your spouse to out to dinner. Play another 18. There will always be time to clean the house and fix the disposal. Take care of the golf balls first – the things that really matter. Set your priorities. The rest is just sand.

One of the students raised her hand and inquired what the coffee represented. The professor smiled and said, “I’m glad you asked. The coffee just shows you that no matter how full your life may seem, there’s always room for a couple of cups of coffee with a friend.


got this in an email, the original author is unknown to me. The concept isn’t new, the moral was taught in a Seven Habits of Highly Successful People class that I attended 8 year ago. I’m not a master at keeping the balance, so any reminder is welcome.

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Tuesday Night Haikus

October 3rd, 2007 Comments off

The CW gets nod
Quality television
True! I kid you not!

Beauty & the Geek

Will best in courtship
Becky in anatomy
Just ask Sam. Bye Betty


“Tell the truth, Sam,” says
The author of lies himself
Devil loves values

House, a standard fare
Gets postponed to favor sleep
Beware, spoilers.

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How cheap is I?

October 2nd, 2007 Comments off

Angie asked this question, and got the answer she wanted… hilarity ensued.

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On Schedule Tonight

October 2nd, 2007 1 comment

If my words are your words, can you hear my father? – John from Cinncinati

Since y’all admit to not watching ‘my shows’, I’m gonna give you notice in advance. Please study well, there will be a test. On tap for tonight, time willing:

  • Beauty and the Geek – The CW 7PM
  • House – Fox 8PM
  • Reaper – TheCW 8PM

You’ll need to have a dual tuner or two DVRs to keep up on your homework. Late work will be accepted if you need to access alternative viewing means.

image I watched the Pilot for Reaper Saturday night, and I was impressed. The premise is a slacker guy Sam (Bret Harrison)works at The Work Bench (a spoof on The Home Depot) finds out his soul has been sold to the Devil. Upon turning 21, the Devil (played wonderfully by Ray Wise) lets Sam in on the secret, and because of the over-crowding problem in hell, wants Sam to help him track down and send back the damned that have escaped hell.

Though nothing like Dead Like Me, the dark reaper comedy works well, though the reaping reminds me of Danny Phantom. Not entirely a willing servant, Sam decides to do the devil’s bidding to keep the devil from taking his Mom. Sam’s group of friends are funny, Sock (Tyler Rabine) is his irreverent best friend, and he has a crush on Andi (Missy Peregrym – was shapeshifting hero last season)

Each week’s plot will be the tracking and capturing the escaped damned, and depositing them in a portal (which ca be identified as any place like ‘hell-on-earth’, like the DMV). Also Delores from DLM makes a great cameo, on the other side of the reaping fence.

I’m watching it, you should too.

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Hold your nose…

October 2nd, 2007 2 comments

We haven’t even had the first primary, and people are going teh crazee…

The rest politics so I’m stuffing most under the fold.  Click on more to get it all

Though I think The Anchoress has a point (maybe three):

Read more…

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Monday Night – Synopsii

October 2nd, 2007 1 comment

Haiku week continues…

First up is Chuck:

Chuck back at BuyMore
Training Casey how to sell
Sarah burns wieners

Doc Zarnow examines
Chuck sees Oceanic Flight
815 shot down

Zarnow drives off
Car explodes in dark of night
Casey thinks Sarah

Fight in Wienerville
Sarah fends off blunt Casey
Linux install, Chuck!

Casey chases Chuck
SUV exploding ball
Chuck doubts Sarah too

Dinner with Ellie
Morgan, Sarah, Capt Perfect
Magic! Souffle ruin

Murder? not Zarnow
Sarah captured in Z’s truck
Chuck, Casey pursue

Rescue Sarah, Chuck!
Tranq dart! Hero trapped helo
Escape! Pilot snooze

Chuck! can’t fly helo
Like a game!  Chuck! says Sarah
Helo lands lightly

Wienerville dinner
All in attendance with Chuck
Trust me, says Sarah

Phew, 5-7-5 is hard to do, however recap 1 is through.  Now Heroes:

Detective Parkman
Seeks murderer of Kaito
Ms. Petrelli shrieks!

Haiti! Mohinder
To save the Haitian from death
Huh? where am I at?

Claire is a lizard
Beautiful toe pops right off
Grows back. O-M-G

Hiro is Kensei
Legend, he begins to form
Takezo shot! HEALS!

Cursed is Maya
Alejandro to redeem
Mexico, alone

Noah schemes a plot
In back of Copy Kingdom
Welcome back, old friend

That’s all I’ve got.

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An ode to Sunday Night TV

October 1st, 2007 1 comment

First a 5WoL for Extreme Makeover Home Edition:

  • Aloha sprits makes you cry.
  • then a few haikus to Desperate Housewives.

    Gabby Loves Carlos
    Carlos leaves Edie alone
    Edie finds cash

    Bree’s fake tum poked by
    Fondue fork and bar-b-que
    Let’s fool the old folk

    Menopause, Hell NO!
    Captain Mal Susan’s OB
    Bad test — dead bunny

    Can’t find Lynette’s wig
    Chemo thrown up in pal’s purse
    Cancer – No More Lies

    And because it’s football season:

    Ball over Romo
    Panic and scramble ensue
    RUN! First Down Cowboys

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