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There’s something afoot.

January 31st, 2008

First apologies to all for my lack of content.  Work has been crazy busy, Upward season is in full swing, and my motivation to bloviate on the blog dwindled.  As apology, not excuse.  Mea culpa.

However, back in the days of old, when I was in sequence, Navigator, Crazy Gator, MisplacedKeys, I felt a desire to opine on topics theological.  I’m feeling a desire to resume such topics, and now that I’ve scared the majority of my readers away, I can safely assume that the readers that still click over, may not be offended by my topic de jour.

The reasons for this is legion.  I’m a better thinker when a write.  It is a time for communing with my Lord.  It makes me get into the word, to either prove my hypotheses correct or invalid.  It opens my thoughts up to the scrutiny of others, and most of all I do enjoy it.

That said, I’ll still hit it with some Lost posts and more pop-cultural stuff.  I’m not going Blog365 and insanely post everyday, because I. MUST. BE. HEARD.  I hope to quietly explain the way I live, and perhaps provide an answer to those with a question.

There is a wind in the air in our family, our church, and even my work.  I want to feel the breeze and enjoy the air.

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  1. deboobily
    February 1st, 2008 at 11:44 | #1

    It’ll be good to have you back. *grin* I always enjoy a healthy debate. Especially since I’m always right.

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