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February 22nd, 2008

Last night’s Lost revealed another survivor (if he can be considered a survivor, in-utero) that made it off the Island.

Kate’s son, Aaron. Hey, wait! Aaron is Claire’s son, not Kate’s. Well, yes, but we don’t yet know the dark story of what’s befallen Claire, as Miles Straum might say, maybe she never survived the crash. But Kate wasn’t pregnant when she was on the plane, and she was under the watchful eye of the now-dead Marshall, how can she pull off the illusion that Aaron is her son. Well I don’t know, but its seems common knowledge that the ‘world’ sees Aaron as Kate’s; her lawyer wanted him in the courtroom for sympathy; her mother wanted to see her ‘grandson’ with all appearances being that she believed it to be Kate; and Jack has some reluctance in seeing the poor boy post rescue. Could Claire, or what happened to Claire (remember she is Jack’s half-sister) be part of what haunts Jack about the island. Its also fairly clear in Kate’s devotion to (as we know him) her adopted son, that Aaron is the ‘he’ that Kate said would be, “wondering where she is…” at the end of last season. So even while we sprint towards answers there are plenty of new questions popping up.

I’m loving the new pace of how things are moving.

On to some mythos. This weeks allusion to myth is Hurley’s selection of movie, the great muscial Xanadu with a feature song sung by Olivia Newton John. The last time we heard such a song was ‘Road to Shambala‘ by Three Dog Night. Both are semi-mystical places. Wikipedia, though, lists Xanadu as the winter home of Kulbai Kahn, and has no reference to a Xanadu myth (at first perusal). Shambala has a more mystical background, and seems to also call in the topic of Shangri-la, and digging in at Wikipedia on those brings up that Shangri-la was the locale for a 1933 novel by James Hilton titled (get this) Lost Horizon. Read the synopsis, and I gotta believe that J.J. Abrams and Damon Lindelhof had some prior exposure to this book while crafting the larger Lost mythos.

Lyrics may have something to play in this as well, besides ONJ’s lyrics (with ELO’s music) the rock band RUSH also had a song with lyrics alluding to KK’s Xanadu.

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