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Lost – The Other Woman

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After last week’s stellar episode, this week’s episode was kinda ho-hum. It didn’t really explore things we didn’t already know, but did Juliet a bit more depth, and we also know (better) that despite alleging that he is ‘Good’, Ben is really ‘bad’ and acts like a petulant child.

UPDATE:  I never got back to finishing this recap, so I’ll stuff the unfinished rough draft in the appended section, and just write a few comments that I gleaned from the episode:

This episode really just gave us a refresher on the characters were dealing with.  Helpful for new viewers, but re-tred ground for the old veterans.  We know now that:

  • Juliet had an affair with Goodwin (we knew they had a relationship before, but didn’t know that Goodwin was married)
  • Ben has an unhealthy attachment with Juliet, though we still don’t know why she kicked him out of her book club.
  • Ben is the master manipulator, and Locke is a zen master manipulee.  Srsly, is there anyone that CAN’T take advantage of Colonel Locke?
  • The Freightees are still in a grey area, neither black or white.  That Daniel rendered the gas that Goodwin was making inert is a good thing, Ben’s just creepy enough to have let them fail, then point and say, see … they tried to kill us!
  • Old man Winthorpe is embroiled in this whole mess, how much he’s pulled strings to get to the island is unknown, and perhaps Penny and her old man are working at odds with each other.

The rest of the recap is below the fold.
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