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Have you noticed…

April 24th, 2008 2 comments

A disturbing trend in trying to market new shows on the local television networks. The past couple of Wednesdays its been hard to miss. Usually the promotion starts in the news hour, with promises of special events later in the evening. Last night it was on FOX, but it had nothing to do with American Idol. Then after the news hour, they devote large amounts of coverage to this ‘event’ and even breathlessly break to commercial promising new bigger revelations … after the break … The problem is — hardly do the revelations really reveal anything new, careful watchers will not be surprised by the revelations, in some cases they may have already turned off the show, that is how predictable its become.

I can handle all that, I’m a saavy watcher of television, and I understand with the writer’s strike there is a lack of quality programming. But falling back to this reality genre is such a predictable ruse, and its got my 11 year old daughter, totally captivated by the drama, unable to sleep as the ideas these shows (and there is no escaping them they are on all the local networks) germinate in her mind.

Its not even good television, like Lost or The Office. Just the predictable dreck that the networks always start previewing in the spring. Maybe we should just do something else. Anything would be better than this… screen shots after the fold.
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