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You Are Greg Brady
Outta sight! Suave and all American, you tend to be clean cut and upstanding.
You’re friendly with most people and a huge flirt (sometimes even with family members!).

because all the cool kids are doing it.

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Lost Finale – prepare yourself.. this may take a while

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I’ve been a bit too nonchalant with my LOST recapping/theorizing.  Partly because I’ve been busy, and partly because I don’t know where to start.  Each episode this year has been excellent, a step above the off-focus season three.  Season three did move the story, but we’ve come along way since the first bonfires on the beach with the huge fuselage.  The finale did tie some strings together, and also unwound a bunch more knots in the Gordian bundle of Lost mythos.  The rest is long and distinguished, but may be spoilerish, so read under the fold only if you’ve seen the finale.

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The sweet sweet taste of victory

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alternate title: I need a nap

Last night was my first night back on our church’s men’s softball team.  I’d taken a long extended vacation to heal and spend more time with wife and children, work on person growth, etc.

So I took the family to the local softball megaplex, and our first game was in the grandstand.  Wasn’t sure what position I would play, or if I’d even start.  So I decided to stretch realllllllllllllll good anyways, as a precaution (being waaay over weight and un-stretched hammies don’t do well together).  Threw the ball around (shoulder didn’t feel too bad) and waited for the start of the game.  Looked at the line-up card, and I was batting 8th, and playing second base (WOO!  fav pos!).  I thought I’d be playing first, as my hiatus had led to another person playing that position, so I’d resigned myself to playing 1B or pine (aluminum). 

The field was in great shape, I don’t think I’d ever played on an infield that smooth.  It was also the first game of the night, so I got to scrape my cleat marks into the freshly raked field. I was a little worried about my stamina and speed, but softball is a bit lower key, and at the same time the field is so short — you know as the ball comes off the bat if you have a chance at getting it or not, and can adjust your exertion appropriately.

My performance at the plate was marginal, though that is a mixed blessing, do you really want a guy my size running bases. 😉

It was a back and forth battle, but the clock ran out while we were batting (home team) and up by 2 runs (9-7).  So we start the 2008 season undefeated.

I look to the wisdom of Han Solo for the rest of our season – Great shot kid, don’t get cocky!

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