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June 20th, 2008

I guess I should write something, hmmm.

Sorry blog, I’ve been unfaithful, been too busy facebooking to blog. Please forgive me.

This past week has been a blur, so many plan, so little done, but I got the important stuff done.

I spent the majority part teaching VBS (vacation bible school for you peeps not in the belt), part feeding my brood, part swimming and part sleeping. Which leaves a lot un-done. But there is always tomorrow.

The softball team continues to do well, don’t want to jinx it with specifics, so I may post again in 8 weeks. I’ve been more active, and I’m eating less, but I haven’t found another scale to check out progress. I’ll update if I ever find one.

I found an old friends from high school on facebook. Kinda strange, to be more years away from high school than it took to get there. I remember thinking how strange it was for my mother to go to her 20 year high school reunion, and what do you know I’m past that marker. Where does the time go.

My kids rock my world everyday. Lauren is doing an art summer school thing and loving it. Brenna had a great time at VBS and is at a Camp Rock sleep over party. Danny has a humongous speaking part for next weeks music camp, and had a lot of fun being a beach monkey this past week. And Mikey Jon had fun being a REAL VBSer… he ever got to bring home his classes outrigger canoe (sans outrigger).

I’m about tapped out, this morning in Music, I had a ‘moment’, we were singing the slower song, The Word:

In the beginning was the Word
and it was with God and was God
Before an eye had seen or
ear had heard
there was the Word

I know the Bible is God’s Word
His written promises to earth

It is a lamp unto the feet of those
who believe in its worth

The Word is
Perfect Truth
The Word is
what I cling to

Word of God

I love the Word
of God

The slow pace, and the symbolic signs (using mostly real signs) just brought it home to me. The preamble of the song quotes the beginning of John 1, and is John’s creation story, and he projects Jesus as God’s word. We also see a parallel in God’s word as his holy scriptures. We were signing the chorus that starts … The Word is what I cling too… unbreakable…

I was overcome, tears flowed down my cheeks, and I had to sit down… hands in my face, sobbing. Its so easy, yet so hard sometimes to cling to Jesus, but its all I need to do. The Word totally has my back, everytime. He is faithful, to the end. I’ll chalk up my emotionalism to just being wiped… but I also know that I’m blessed to have a savior that rocks my world, with such simple words.


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