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Summing up

August 25th, 2008

I want to start something new that will hopefully use this blog other than a sucking black-hole of dullness.  But first I’ll quickly summarize what’s happened since the way-to-big tv was bought.

  • It was TOO big.  Conventional wisdom is get the biggest TV in your budget, that is bunk, it should be get the biggest TV that won’t overpower your room and doesn’t make it seem like a big dark cave with a glowing window to other worlds.  Not to say I didn’t LOVE the escapism quality, but this is the living room not a media room.  We needed balance, so we took it back and got a reasonable 46″ LCD and it fits into the room much better.
  • Kids arrived safely from camps, over nighters, and other activities.
  • We didn’t swim as much this summer, a bit longer of a drive, and a longer available season (instead of the Texas pool only open during summer hours season) made it less of a priority.  But we’ll be swimming more during the fall and winter when our pool is still open.
  • School shopping was abbreviated, and we’ll continue with clothes shopping as the budget allows instead of a huge suck from our wallet.
  • All the kids are in school, can you say HALLY-LOO-JA!
  • Co-ed Softball for Angie an I start tomorrow.  I’m still considering whether a season ending injury the first game is a good or a bad thing.

And that pretty much sums up the last month of Summer.  So have fun with that.

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