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Daily Walk 365 – Day 29

September 24th, 2008 2 comments

My purpose is to give life in all its fullness — John 10:10 (HCSB)

I decided to post this daily walk post today because of the first paragraph in the devotional text:

It takes courage to dream big dreams.  You will discover that courage when you do three things: accept the past, trust God to handle the future, and make the most of the time He has given you today.

Last Sunday we talked a bit about procrastination, in regards to Jesus’ parable about the 10 virgins.  Procratination wasn’t the spiritual thrust of that parable, but the living each day application can certainly point to what procrastination does.  It steals from yourself the valuable time of today, and posts that to a time in the future.  The thing about each day, is they each have 24 hours, each hour has 60 minutes, and each minute 60 seconds.  We can try to maximize our enjoyment by pushing work, tedium etc to the next day, but that only doubles the problem the next day.  How can we stop that cycle.

Consider and accept the past, don’t dwell on it.  Trust God with your future.  Be prepared for today.  Give us each day, our daily bread, goes the model prayer.  The Hebrews were given manna each day to subsist upon.  We have our 24 hours to maximize, and one in 6 meant for rest.

When it comes to procrastination, I’m am the cheif of sinners.  Today, I’ll do what I can to limit that which I put off to tomorrow.

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