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Lost – Groupings

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I was thinking about all the different group of sub-groups of people in Lost, and thought a nifty outline might be good. Some graphically oriented person might want to expanded into a really nifty Venn diagram.

Let’s try Chronological order:

  • Black Rock Crew
  • 1954 Others
  • 1954 Army
  • Dharma (circa 1977)
    • – Other infiltrators
    • – Circle of Trust
    • – Flight 316 Jumpers (Sawyer, Juliette…)
    • – Offspring (Miles, Charlotte)
  • Others Dharma Era
  • Post Purge ‘Dharma’ (Hatch survivors)
  • Flight 316 People
    • Main Section
    • Tail Section
  • Freighters
    • Naomi’s Team
    • Keamy’s Team
    • Ship’s Crew
  • Ajira Airlines
    • Shadow of the Statue
    • Island Returners
      • 1977 Era
      • 2007
  • Reanimated Personages (Christian, Locke)
    • Island Ghosts (Eko’s brother, Dave)
  • Off Island Conspirators
    • Widmore
    • Hanso
    • Ben’s Supporters (Jan the Butcher)
    • Eloise
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Lost – What does lie in the Shadow of the Statue?

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Did a little past episode snooping last night, and lo and behold, Ilana’s henchman, Bram (thanks IMDB) tried to persuade Miles to switch sides after he was recruited by Naomi.  Who are the SotS people?  They’re not Widmore’s people, they’re not Ben’s people…

Ilana and Bram confront Frank Lapidus

Ilana and Bram confront Frank Lapidus

Bram confronts Miles in the back of the van

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