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Bleeding Dodger Blue with MLB At Bat 2009

April 21st, 2009 1 comment

When I was a kid growing up, I was a big Dodger fan.  I remember listening to Vin Skully in grade school, watching the Dodgers in the World Series against the A’s was an early sports memory.  Crying when the Giants kept them out of the playoffs more than once.  I remember various players, Davey Lopes, Steve Garvey, Billy Russel, Ron Cey is still be dream infield.  I used to fall asleep listening to the broadcast in high school.  I remember reveling when Gibson hit his home run.

Then adulthood, and moving has distanced me from my favorite team. Until now.  The MLB At Bat iPhone app is WONDERFUL.  I can tune in and listen to the broadcasters, with Vin Skully, Charlie Steiner and Rick Monday.  I can track the stats, and see the pitches, see replays of big plays in jaggy (but good enough) video.

I’d like to think the Dodgers’ hot start this season is because they have their biggest fan back to listening and following them (but that’d be too prideful).  I’m loving baseball again.  Screen shots of the app below the fold (tonight game in progress) Read more…

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The DART that missed

April 21st, 2009 Comments off

First, thanks for all the DART train distraction ideas. You are truly helpful, internets!

However, after last nights ordeal, maybe I shouldn’t be distracted while riding the DART train.

If you follow me on on twitter (@jstueve) you already know this story. So skip down and hit the comments to let me know that you know how completely daft I am, thanks.

So last night I was waiting to take the DART train back up to Plano. We had the normal meet & greet with tummy Hyatt munchies, and I had one beer, which didn’t effect my judgement at all!

I walked through the undgeound tunnel from the Hyatt to Union Station, and had to wait for the TRE to leave before I could get to the right side of the tracks. I waited a couple of minutes, then hopped on the first train, found my seat, and zoned, reading twitter and facebook updates. About 40 minutes later I lifted up my head, and saw the sign for the stop




Raasafrassa. Got off, got on a southbound Blue Line back to Mockingbird Station, then squeezed myself into the stairwell between two gangstas on a Northbound Red Line train. Forty minutes later arrived in Plano. What was normally a 40 minute ride took almost two hours.

So yeah. Me == Dork

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